Ykaie’s 5th Rock Concert {ak.a. Ykaie’s 5th Birthday}

Hi. Welcome to Ykaie’s 5th Rock Concert! Do you have your tickets?

Oh I’m sorry, you’re a band member. May I see your All Access Pass, then?

Alright. C’mon in. The concert’s about to begin…..

For Ykaie’s 5th birthday, Sis and I decided on a rockstar-themed party in which we let go of the usual pink and black color motif and went with blue, purple and pink.

Sorry, It took me a while before I could post it. Life got a little busy.

As usual, this is not a big party…. only her cousins joined the “concert tour”….

This post begins with a WARNING. Photos Overload!

Let me start with the party food. Like all her other parties, the food went with the theme…

Purple Spaghetti

Kool Aid Popcorn {recipe here}

Guitar Pizza

Star- shaped Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Microphone Cake Pops

Musical Notes-shaped S’mores Truffles

Rockstar-themed Sugar Cookies

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Meatballs with Star-shaped Roasted Potatoes

Eighth Note  and Star shaped Rice Krispie Pops

Sausage, Fruit, and Cheese Kabobs

Deviled Eggs

Chips and Dips

Rockstar H2O… yep, we had our own water..cool, huh?

Green Lemonade shot with the rocstar cups and the girlie rockstar plates from my cousin Myleen! {Ykaie’s godmom}

Guitar Birthday Cake {which Sis made}, I just helpld with the cupcakes

Here’s the cake from another angle….

The birthday girl: Ykaie, blowing her candle and making a wish!

Now on to The PARTY

The people responsible for the party: The Manager {that’s me}, The Photographer {sis} and The Producer {Rome}.

Special thanks to one of our sponsors: peanutbutter!

The Concert Stage

The Rockstar

The Rockstar and the Manager

 The Rockstar and her Crew

Inflatable mics and guitars they used

The game prizes composed of toys and items that are either mics or guitars…

Guitar and Mic-shaped bubbles…

The kids definitely had fun with the Piñata as it contains small toys and jewelries and nail polish!

Our LOOTBAG CORNER – The Candy Bar

What can you say about our Rock Music Sweets?

Heavy Metal, Rockstar Energy Bar…

New Wave, Jazz Rock, Punk Rock and Hardcore Punk…

What can I say? We do know how to PARTAAAYY!!!!

Oh yeah,…there was a CAKE FIGHT after…….

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9 Responses

  1. What a FANTASTIC party! I especially like the guitar pizza. Love all your creations.  Your daughter must be super delighted… Happy Birthday to Ykaie.

  2. i soo love the theme and the food!!! you’re so creative sis..I’m sure the bday celebrant was beyond heavens of happiness:) Happy bday to your daughter:)

  3. Hi, Peachy! I love your blog and I think the rockstar-themed party is simply amazing and you obviously put a lot of effort and creativity in it. Belated Happy birthday to your daughter Ykaie!

  4. I love the theme. It’s simply cute and amazing! I wonder if I could set up same as like this when my sister turns 8 next year. Thanks for the idea though. hehehe belated happy bday to your daughter by the way. 

    1.  Hi. Thanks for dropping by. We made it using illustration board and crepe paper =)

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