Contemporary Country Living in Asilo Tagaytay

Tagaytay has always been my favorite go to place when I want a quick getaway from the busy city life. It’s our family’s go to place whenever we want  to go for a weekend staycation, a day at the spa or just to get a fix of my favorite Blueberry Cheesecake at this romantically rustic restaurant which you can only find there. Because it’s not too far away from the city, it serves as the perfect vacation spot for me and my family.

I can only imagine how having a second home in Tagaytay must feel like…. endless vacation in Tagaytay whenever we want.

I guess this is also what Avida Land has in mind when they thought about building Asilo Tagaytay … a vacation home in Tagaytay.



Avida Land, the affordable housing arm of Ayala Land, the country’s most trusted developer, is offering its first vacation home development – Asilo Tagaytay.

Asilo Tagaytay is a mixed-use residential development that offers a second home or vacation home for buyers who want to enjoy picturesque views overlooking the majestic Taal Lake and Volcano and the cool, refreshing climate that Tagaytay is famous for. The property is customized for the needs of its target market—families, couples, and individuals who wish to have a beautiful second home in Tagaytay where they can spend a holiday, a weekend, or take a vacation. If you are wondering about the meaning of Asilo, it is derived from the Tagalog word “silong” which means to take shelter.

Unlike the other properties in Metro Manila, the Avida in Tagaytay has structures that are designed to blend harmoniously with Tagaytay’s natural charm. It has two mid-rise residential towers and a low-rise building that offers a retail area and the architectural design, materials, finishing, and the landscaping are designed to be more reflective and reminiscent of the old Tagaytay which is rustic and yet contemporary.

Even the the size and number of the buildings are just enough to let the residents fully enjoy the views and the climate—and of course, to maintain as much as possible a natural setting. This is evident in the form of the structures and their terracing, where we see how they sort of step back and become unobtrusive parts of the overall landscape. The corridors are designed to have breezeways and there’s ample space between buildings to allow better cross-ventilation.


 Kitchen and Dining Area

Asilo Tagaytay is designed to have units that are more spacious and bigger than those offered in urban areas.

The Unit sizes are:


Studio A – 22 sqm,
Studio B – 30 sqm,
1BR – 40 sqm,
2BR – 60 sqm

Low-Rise Building

1 BR – 50 sqm,
2BR – 80 sqm

Price range: 2M to 7.5M

 Living Room Area

The units are also designed in such a way that residents can enjoy the cool and refreshing climate of Tagaytay. There are more balconies in the upper floors so that residents can fully enjoy their view of Taal and the Batangas mountain range in the horizon.


Asilo Tagaytay is unlike any other condominium in Tagaytay. It is a prime choice for those who wish to invest in a place to call a second home, or a place to lease, with the help of Leasing Services by Avida.
And like all Ayala and Avida properties, Asilo Tagaytay promotes sustainable living in harmony with the environment.  It will also be managed and maintained by the Ayala Property Management Corporation. This guarantees residents that the property remains in top shape.

As for the location of Asilo Tagaytay, it is easily accessible from Metro Manila and Greater Metro Manila. It’s close to the crossroads of the Tagaytay National Highway and the Aguinaldo Highway.  It also conveniently loacted near the Rotonda and beside the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, as well as schools, hospitals, and places of leisure.

For more information about Asilo Tagaytay and any Avida condo in the Philippines, please visit or call (+632) 848 5200 (within Metro Manila) and 1-800-10 848-5200 (outside Metro Manila).

About Avida
Avida Land was borne out of Ayala Land’s desire to bring affordable living at its best to the greatest number of Filipinos. After two decades of fulfilling dreams and 60 projects in 28 locations, Avida still provides the best community with the security and assurance of a healthy environment. Keeping in mind its primary goal of creating “”dream”” shelters that enhance the quality of family life, Avida will continue to develop and maintain communities that set the standard in the industry, promote the growth of property values, ensure better and consistent quality, and deliver excellent value for money.

All Avida condominiums fulfill the 5 condo must-haves:
1) Free-flowing air and sunlight –  Avida’s living spaces are smartly-designed so natural light and air flows inside the entire unit, not just in one room.
2) Fewer units per floor – lets you enjoy more privacy with fewer neighbors, saves you the stress of crowded hallways, long elevator lines and jam-packed amenities.
3) Sensible amenities – amenities that are fun but practical, every facility is well-planned so you wont have to pay unneccessary maintenance dues.
4) Emergency power even inside your unit – eases the stress of power outages by providing more stand-by electricity. You can keep your lights on and even turn on your TV and refrigerator.
5) Easy payment terms – Avida offers a stretched payment scheme that lets one easily own a condo without compromising his/her lifestyle.

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18 Responses

  1. I wish people here would get there act together and incorporate nature in more living designs.  They just bulldoze everything and you have to drive everywhere!

  2. I must say it’s great to invest a property like this. It can also be a pretty neat vacation home to have for the family.  And for some, it can also be their primary home.

  3. I was speechless with the inside decor of the house, i want to own one of these unit. If only I have money, probably i already did.

  4. that’s really nice. living in Tagaytay is cool already and having your own unit in one of those buildings makes it even nicer! i’m sure many would be really interested in reserving/buying a unit there with all the beauty and charm of Tagaytay around. 

  5. Wow! gorgeous place. I don’t think I have been to Tagaytay, maybe on my next vacation to the Philippines, I might consider on going. 

  6. woww nice place! siguro pag uwi ko ng Philippines, I would love to go there sa Tagaytay! dami rin mga condo talaga na bago jan sabi ng family ko. 🙂

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