2nd Night Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

Our second day in Talipanan Beach is filled with lots of swimming and walking in the sun. We even managed an impromptu picnic at the far end of the beach near the big rock formations. We had  some chips: Doritos, Cheetos Jalapeño, a mixture of some sweet and salty: m&m mix and several sticks of barbecue and hotdog bought along the opposite end of the beach.

So come dinner time, I wasn’t even that hungry to eat a full meal. I told sis I just wanted finger food. Something we could pick with our fingers and eat leisurely while we chitchat and laugh about the funny things that happened during the day.

We ordered some Calamari and it came with thousand island dipping sauce, the usual battered, crunchy deep- fried squid rings…

The highlight of my day is making sand castle with my daughter. There was even a pond/lake around the castle and I asked sis to pick a leaf so we can skewer it with our barbecue sticks and put it on top of the castle for a makeshift flag.

This is one of the things I love doing with Ykaie. The smile on her face, specially when we’re done and putting the makeshift flag puts a smile in heart. I always want to see her happy.

Call me kunsintidor… but I made sure to order Fried Pork Belly/ Liempo for Ykaie, her favorite. It was a fun tiring day and  she needs her comfort food. She likes it with a patis-calamansi dipping sauce. And I’m sure she would eat a lot but since she was so tired, she ended up eating only a few bites and then went to sleep.

Rome ordered Longganisa, which he paired with a bottle of red wine. Yup, he drank one whole bottle of wine that night.

It was a cold day, specially around 5:30pm when we hit the beach.

The weather was just right to set my mood for a hot bowl of Seafood Chowder, a creamy soup filled with the meat and flavors of shrimp, squid and fish. Sis and Rome shared this soup with me when it arrived.

The night ended with more chitchat along the beach…{and some instagram-ing}

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14 Responses

  1. Nice family time out and beautiful clicks.  Delicious finger food to end the day.

  2. to tell you honestly, I am always curious about the food photos whenever you blog about your vacation, hahaha! halata bang ang takaw ko? You always go somewhere..

  3. oh i’m drooling at your food! I always love calamari! They’re delicious! And the longganisa looks so yummy too! 

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