My Singapore Food Street

Big Coincidence. The last time we went for Singaporean food was a year ago in April. We were buying outfits for our upcoming out of town trips and buying tops for peanutbutter to match what Ykaie and I are gonna be wearing.

This year, same thing happened. singaporean restaurant. the mall. outfit shopping.

But this time, we were in SM Megamall and we’re trying out the new restaurant.

Char Kway Teow {₱195}

I had a thing for wide pastas and so I ordered Char Kway Teow. It’s quite tasty and the flavors of chinese sausage, prawns, beans sprouts, and dark soy sauce are evident but I like Nasi Lemak’s version of this a lot more. Plus, the noodles from nasi lemak is a bit chewy which is how I like my noodles to be.

2 pc. Chicken Satay {₱70}

The chicken chunks is very tender and is cooked perfectly but  I think the peanut sauce always carries out the chicken, pork or beef. They either heighten the taste of the meat or bring it down. I like my peanut sauce a bit thicker than what they have but I was hungry at the time and didn’t have breakfast — so I gobbled it up.

Spicy Laksa {₱185}

Sis ordered Laksa because she wanted to try this for the longest time evah!

Laksa is a noodle soup dish with a spicy curry base. It tastes primarily of coconut cream — something I love but I find this dish a bit too oily. I have to find another version to compare it to.

Lemon Chicken {₱135}

Ykaie had Lemon Chicken but chose to dip the breaded chicken cutlets to soy sauce instead of the lemon sauce.

Iced Katchang

Sis just has to have this colorful dessert. It’s like halo-halo with corn, kaong, jelly, red beans and nata but the shaved ice on top has colorful syrups and condensed milk.

My Singapore Food Street
2/F SM Megamall

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20 Responses

  1. I agree that laksa indeed is oily, I lived in Malaysia before and never saw a laksa like that.

  2. everythign looks yummy. haven’t tried singaporean food before but now im enticed to try some. 🙂

  3. i like that your daughter was all willing to try different restos other the popular fastfood chains most kids like. whereas my little kid, she would always prefer her fave fastfood shop. hence, we never get to discover other cuisines.

  4. honestly I can’t believe that you call this streetfood, your captured and presentation looks like a classy resto

  5. nice photos! they are enough to entice someone to give the place a visit. I find some of the menu oily though. I’m curious of the Iced Katchang. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit Singapore soon 🙂


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