Dinner at The Pool Bar, Thunderbird Resort

Dinner at The Pool Bar, Thunderbird Resort

This is what we looked like come dinner time, after swimming for God-knows-how-many-hours . Ykaie was very sleepy she didn’t want to eat anymore. This wasn’t the best dinner ever but you know me, I love keeping this food diary.

Dinner at The Pool Bar, Thunderbird Resort

Our server that night seemed to be a trainee that looks like she’s already tired for her shift and is eager to end her day. We ordered a plate of Caesar Salad and she forgot to serve the dressing. After everything was on the table, we had to remind her of it.

Dinner at The Pool Bar, Thunderbird Resort

Dinner was a combination of everything grilled. There’s pork belly, chicken, porkchop…

…and oysters, half which seemed to be spoiled. I quietly informed the chef of it when I saw him around the dining area and he was very apologetic and told me he would just replace it. I declined, of course because we were already done eating. I saw him rush back to the kitchen and whisper to a staff holding a bucket of oysters.

Guess what? The kids went back to the pool with sis after dinner for some night swimming while peanutbutter and I sat at a nearby table. I had coffee and peanutbutter had his bottle of beer.

The chef came out later with a plate of their Gambas Ajillo and more apology. It looks good but I wasn’t able to taste it because I was already full. They knew service recovery at this place and it was admirable. Too bad I couldn’t forget how a stinky oyster tastes like.

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  1. All the foods right in the table are all good and delish I bet many people would like to eat this Restaurant drolling me of your super yummy food Nice family bonding.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the oytster, however, the Gambas Ajillo looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your vacation.

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