Breakfast at Cintai Corito’s Garden

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

Like what most travelers do, we check out the reviews about a place first before we go and make a resrevation.Previous reviews about the breakfast at Cintai Coritos Garden the past months have been all negative. I wouldn’t want to dwell into that so let’s leave it at that word – negative. But the place was just so romantic and beautiful that we just had to go there.

So it really was a pleasant surprise the next morning when pretty plates of food with hefty portions greeted us at the breakfast table. I had my fill of SILOGs from different places this summer!

To my non-Filipino friends, SILOG is a term that has been coined from the Filipino breakfast staple SInangag (garlic fried rice) and itLOG (egg). Another syllable is prefixed in it, usually the first syllable of another viand/dish that comes with the garlic fried rice and  egg. A good example is TAPSILOG. TAP comes from Tapa,which is marinated fried beef strips.

So the breakfast dish above is TILAPSILOG — fried tilapia, garlic rice and fried egg. That’s what peanutbutter had for breakfast. It came with a condiment of pickled papaya.

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

This is what we looked like when fresh out of bed…

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

Sis, Rome, and my brother had TAPSILOG — tapa, garlic fried rice and egg.

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

Just look at how big the serving of the garlic fried rice is. It’s a big bowl good for two people…..

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

I had TOSILOG, of course! — that’s tocino {cured sweet pork}, garlic rice and egg. I chose this because Ykaie and I both love tocino and we shared this dish.

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

To down breakfast was a thermos of freshly brewed coffee and two carafes of Four Seasons Juice.

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden | www.thepeachkitchen.comThey even served us extra hotdogs, french fries and milk for the kids…..

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

More picture-taking happened after breakfast…

Breakfast at Cintai Corito's Garden |

Then we went swimming afterwards…

If you want to check out more details about our trip, here are the links:

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