Cajun Red Rock – October 31st Early Dinner

Cajun Red Rock |

Cajun Red Rock | www.thepeachkitchen.comCajun Red Rock Cobb and Corn (₱270)

Ykaie, sis and I were so tired after Trick ot Treat-ing and attending Cartoon Network Irregular Halloween Adventure last Halloween that by 4pm, we were looking for somewhere to have an early dinner.

I’ve been seeing Cajun Red Rock  at The Atrium for quite sometime now but didn’t have the chance to try it. That night, sis and I figured it was a good time to give it a try.

I was already tired and hungry at that time that I didn’t care to take photos of the surroundings. The restaurant was not bright but not well lit either. They didn’t have dim interiors as well. Judging from old mementos attached on their walls, I think they’re going for the old Louisiana vibe — the one you see in black in white.

Sis and I went for the Red Rock Cobb and Corn Salad. The serving was quite big and it was composed of some greens, sliced cucumbers, carrots, corn kernels, onions slices, hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken strips with bourbon sauce, red and yellow chips, and a creamy cajun dressing on the side. Cumin dominates the flavor of the dressing but sis and I loved it. It complemented the variety of vegetables on that plate.

Cajun Red Rock | www.thepeachkitchen.comBountiful Platter Feast (₱640)

This feast in a plate is truly for the pork-lover. It has big enough serving of Cajun Red Rock’ s Bourbon Chops, Cheesy Pork Steak, and Chops Alfred plus grilled corn on the cob. The Bourbon Chops was a bit on the tough but the tangy sauce made up for it. The Chops Alfred was very tender too. It was breaded, deep fried and smothered with white sauce. Amongst the three, my favorite was the Cheesy Pork Steak — a mixture of tender pork strips, creamy cheese sauce, and bell peppers. It was creamy, garlicky, and all the things you can love in a pork dish!

Cajun Red Rock | www.thepeachkitchen.comBacon Caesar Spaghetti (₱270)

Ykaie is very much a fan of pasta and bacon so I asked if she wanted this Bacon Caesar Spaghetti. Besides, I was very curious about the flavor combination. It’s kind of a cross between a white sauce-based and an oil-based pasta. It really did taste a bit like Caesar salad and it’s delicious. I’m thinking I should try re-creating something like this at home.

It was our first time trying Cajun Red Rock and we liked it. Now we are curious about the other things on their menu.

Have you tried Cajun Red Rock yet? Any suggestion on what else is good there?

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