STREET DONUT from our Friendly Neighbor Bakery

Street Donut |
Sugared Street Donut |
Sugared Street Donuts

Amidst all the specialty donut shops in Manila, we still couldn’t resist these donuts fried and sugared in the street, courtesy of the bakery in our barangay.

When we can’t think of what to eat for merienda (afternoon snack), all we have to do is walk towards the bakery around 3pm. You’ll see these small donuts lined up like soldiers and waiting for their turn to dive into the frying pan with hot oil.

That’s what I like about these donuts, they live nearby..LOL! The second thing that I like about them is they’re very cheap! They’re being sold for ₱2 each and there are three flavors to choose from: plain, cheese, and monggo (green mung beans).

Donuts with Green Monggo waiting to be fried |
donuts filled with monggo waiting to be fried

I used to be crazy about street food — well, I still am — but I used to be crazy enough about them that I started featuring all the street food I see and those that pass by in front of our house way back in 2009 and 2010. Check out the list of Filipino Street Food I blogged about. I just got so fond of them and I thought they deserved a special place here at The Peach Kitchen.

I was also doing some bloghopping, checking out blogs of people who blog about other countries’ street food!

Street Donut |
fry away, fry away

The vendors usually think I’m crazy when I take pictures of their stand or cart. So when they ask why I’m doing that, I always tell them it’s for my daughter’s school project. It saves me the time of explaining to them that I blog about it and what’s a blog.

Street Donut |

Now I’m wondering why I stopped blogging about these cool street food? Maybe I already blogged about most of them but I’m gonna start featuring them again. Maybe they’ve updated. Who knows? There might be a Tukneneng version 4.0…LOL!

Street Donut |

And check out these freshly fried donuts, gently rolled in sugar!

Street Donut |

My favorite is the cheese and the monggo. Ykaie loves the plain one. Sis loves them all.

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40 Responses

  1. OMGGGG I MISS THESEEEEE! I mean, naalala ko tuloy childhood ko. Merienda time! Sarap i-pares with Coke! HAHAHA!

  2. It seemed that you are an avid fan of street donut. But I’m not really fond of it because I got conscious too much with the sugar. hehehe

  3. Your photos of street food donuts brings some good memories of my childhood days. My grandma used to cook this of snacks. I still prefer this food compare to over hype and diabetis inducing donuts in the market. hahaha.

  4. I am also seeing this street donuts in our place- what good abou this is that you will see how they are cooked and they are put in a paper bag while hot.

  5. Ohhh I miss this! I remember when I was a kid we have a “suki” who always passes by our street during merienda time.

  6. This is one of the most memorable street foods for me! growing up, ehto talaga ang favorite ko! kasama ang taho at fishball! It also shows the ingenuity of Pinoys!

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