Taho (Soy Pudding)

Alternate to the recipes that I’ll be posting I decided to post about the different street foods that is inherently Pinoy or Filipino and I’ll start with the first thing I see every morning. The Taho or Soy Pudding.

Taho is made up of fresh silken tofu, brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls.It is sold by a man roaming the city on foot carrying two aluminum buckets balanced by wood in their shoulders.

Although Taho has been influenced by the Chinese, it has been a staple among Filipinos specially the kids. As soon as you hear the vendor yelling “taahooooooo!”, you’ll see people come out of their houses to buy.

I took a picture of two Taho Vendors this morning and had two glasses of Taho as well..burp!
Soy Pudding
Brown Sugar Syrup and small tapioca pearls
In some places, the vendors put jackfruit or screw pine leaves in their syrup to infuse it with flavor.
Taho (P 5.00/ $0.10)
Have a great weekend everyone!
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27 Responses

  1. yay! thanks sa post mo na ito, ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang english pala ng taho eh soy pudding 😀 , favorite ito ni Kendrick, natutunan nya kainin noong anjan pa kami. 🙂

  2. I have had tapioca pearls in bubble tea. I like them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love the cupcakes on your header. They are so pretty!

  3. love your photos, especially the first photo. a familiar sight! my nephews are crazy about taho, pero di ako natutong kumain nito. i tried it once, i don't like it. medyo weird naiisip ko pag nakakakita ako ng taho! lol

  4. great pictures of the taho. marami din yan dito but never bother to taste that. si dimple dati..gusto but nung na feature na sa TV — ayaw na nya.

  5. nice photos, sis. I love how you document it. anyway, d ako masyado nahilig nito and minsan nga nahihirapan pa ubusin ang isang baso.hehehe. anyway. thanks sa pagbisita sa aking entry. 🙂

  6. tahooo!!! i love this…i grew up eating taho and im passing it on to my son who is starting to get fond of eating this every morning! he even knows manongs name and calls for him and makes "utang"!!! ngyarr!!

  7. This looks like its a delightful treat. I have never heard of it before. Love your photos. Nice to meet you.

  8. I think i read about this in Selby's blog before…really cool! it's like their own version of an ice-cream man…well, a healthier version!

  9. The tapioca pearls are so gorgeous on top of this delicious pudding! Very nice picture!

  10. Nice pictures ; ) My son and I love taho and the manong taho here in our place shouts "hep!hep!" and when my son hears it, he would go "hooray!"

    Thanks for the visit ; )

  11. I've never heard of taho but now I'm going to have to try it! I recently bought some tapioca pearls without a thought to how I'd use them – guess I know now!

  12. i love your last 2 pics. that's really how i like my taho, with plenty of brown syrup. 😀

  13. paborito ko ang taho kapag galing night shift, masarap pampainit ng tyan sa umaga, yum! ^_^

  14. I wish I can grab that glass right from your blog and have a taste. 🙂 You have a beautiful blog. 🙂

  15. Many years ago when I was a kid, a lady used to sell this (dou hua in Chinese) in wooden buckets. It was so fresh and nice, as a kid I never missed buying some from her. Until now, this remains my favourite dessert! This is the first time I see this served with Tapioca pearl! In Malaysia, it's usually with brown sugar syrup or normal sugar syrup.

  16. I don't really eat this peach…hehehe pero boba pwede na!

    BTW every early morning and late afternoon a guy selling taho always passes by our house and yells TAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!! hehehe 🙂

  17. Nakaka-miss marinig yung line na taaahoooo!!Perfect!!!Isa na rin ako na lalabas ng bahay para bumili nyan!!

  18. Wow, how unique! You've got a really interesting site here – I've really enjoyed browsing 🙂

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