Bloody Shirley Temple

Bloody Shirley Temple

Bloody Shirley Temple

peanutbutter was coming home late last night. I was blogging, cooking dinner, walking the dog, gossiping with friends on facebook , and doing three million other things while I’m at it. It was a fun, busy night. And I couldn’t help but add one more thing to do. I just had to have a dry run of what’s going to be our Halloween Movie Night drink : Bloody Shirley Temple.

Sis and I decided we’re gonna be low key this year and just have a Halloween Movie Night. Since peanutbutter, Ykaie, and I recently moved in to a new house, we’ll be hosting the Halloween Movie Night for everyone. We bought DVDs and downloaded scary movies. We’re still planning to have Halloween movie food, though. For drinks, we’re having this Shirley Temple made creepy for the Halloween by putting the grenadine syrup inside the syringe.

Bloody Shirley Temple

One of the reasons why we are low-key-ing our Halloween celebration this year?  Well, Halloween falls on a friday. On the sunday after that, my parents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and we’re also kind of into it as well. They didn’t want to celebrate it but we did invite all the relatives and their friends. There will be a surprise Golden Anniversary party for them. Ssssshhhhhh.

Plus, we’are also getting ready for Ykaie 7th Birthday coming up on the third week of November. I think all the blood in these glasses of Shirley Temple are coming from my wallet… sob* I’ll be broke by my birthday….sob*.

Just kidding! It’s gonna be a fun, hectic week month.

Bloody Shirley Temple

I was thinking of adding some “eyeballs” in my Bloody Shirley Temple but decided against it to keep it simple. So how was the drink? I think everyone will love it because everyone loves a Shirley Temple….. specially one dressed up for Halloween.

Guess who drank these three glasses of Bloody Shirley temples last night? These dugyot kids: Ykaie, Cyra, and Cyvrine. They’re swarming over me while I’m taking photos. It’s after playtime and they haven’t even cleaned up for dinner yet…. very Halloween….


Bloody Shirley Temple

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • Sprite or 7Up
  • Grenadine Syrup
  • Ice
  • Syringe


  1. Pour Sprite over Ice.
  2. Servewith Grenadine syrup on syringe
  3. Squirt at the bottom of the glass for a fun look

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45 Responses

  1. This is kinda funny for people,
    but i guess i would probably skip the syringe, because i deal with the real one in the clicin,
    the syrup looks like real blood sample, i considered it is kinda gross, lol
    nice idea btw, lol

  2. Oh wow. That’s a simple preparation but it looks so cool with the syringes and the scary looking fingers. 😀

  3. This looks really good. And I even thought there’s Vodka in it. Lol!

    Advanced happy birthday to your kid and Happy Anniversary to your parents as well 🙂

  4. Looks easy to make but so very Halloween! I love your posts and can’t wait for what you have prepared for Christmas! Wondering now if you have a Gingerbread House post!

  5. This is so unique. I would love to try kaso my bunso is traumatized na sa syringe due to his medical condition. Pero, A for effort sis Peachy for this creative idea ♥

    1. Ang galing ng idea mommy creative super and easy lang ng mga kylangan para gawin

  6. That’s very creative, but I’m such a visual person, heehee, I don’t think I can drink anything that would make me think it’s blood that dripped from a finger, heehee. Looks fun for your kids, though. 🙂

  7. Perfect for Halloween ?? matatakot talaga mga bagets kapag nakita Ang hloody juice na Ito? Thank you for sharing your recipe Momsh ❤️

  8. Thanks for sharing ,will try this para po sa trick or treats dito sa amin

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