What Makes the #NewBreed of Foodie Mommy?

What Makes the #NewBreed of Foodie Mommy?

Gone are the days when people most often go to restaurants because they are “tried and tested”. The #NewBreed of foodies now go out and try different restaurants because their palates crave for the adventure of trying out new cuisines. People are more adventurous now when it comes to food.

Like me for example, I love trying out different restaurants because I want to know the tastes of different kinds of food. My mother is not so adventurous when it comes to food. Growing up, we seldom went out to eat because she preferred cooking meals for us at home. It’s not so bad because she is a terrific cook. I mean, she cooks really great Menudo, Mechado, Morcon, Kare-Kare, and all other Filipino food you can think of. But even then there was a certain craving…

Nowadays, when I hear or read about a new restaurant in the metro, my curiosity level rises and I get excited, anticipating the coming of a #NewBreed of adventure for my tastebuds. I think these are probably what the #NewBreed of foodies also feel.

So what kind of restaurants do I look for at the moment? Well, we are still not over the ramen craze and we look out for the latest ramen bar that comes out. We also like to eat in buffet restaurants which are kind of what’s in at the moment, judging from all the buffet restaurants that are sprouting like mushrooms around the metro.

I’d also like to think of myself as one of the #NewBreed of mommies out there. If we’re not eating out, I love cooking for my family. It’s no secret that I love to cook as this blog already showcases my love for cooking. My adventurous palate extends to my kitchen as my cooking is not limited to a certain type of food or a certain kind of cuisines. There are days when I serve Filipino, Japanese, Tex-Mex, or American dishes…. I can just go on and on. Lately, I’ve been trying my hands in bento-making too so Ykaie can bring cute and healthy food in school.

As a #NewBreed of foodie mommy, I don’t think I’ll get intimidated by a new restaurant or a new food craze, of cooking and baking new recipes, and even trying out new things I could do with food (like bento-making).When I go to the grocery most often than not, I bring home new products to try like new laundry detergents, tissue, cookies, toothpaste, ketchup, etc. Name it and I will try it. When it comes to corned beef, though, I’m a little meticulous. I always go for corned beef which is not the usual, just like Highlands Corned Beef. It’s really different from other corned beef because it is made with Angus beef, which makes its taste so rich. I always choose Highlands Corned Beef when I go to the grocery. Plus, good thing is that I just saw in the grocery shelves that they are now in easy-open cans!

What Makes the #NewBreed of Foodie Mommy?

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20 Responses

  1. This was an interesting post. I’d never really thought about what type of restaurants my husband and i choose to go to. I think we just pick whatever sounds good at the moment!

  2. We eat what we feel like. I don’t meal plan because I don’t know what I will be in the mood for that far out, you know?

  3. Ahhhhhh we kinda just choose what we want as we go along…. Meal.planning never works out for us! We end up spending more money because someone won’t want what was planned and go get what they want lol…. Mainly my husband lol….

  4. We never know what we are going to eat ahead of time. We just wait and see what we all feel like.

  5. I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly adventurous when it comes to food, but I do like to try different foods every now and then to try to expand my taste palate. I’m typically more comfortable eating something I’m familiar with, though.

  6. We like to try new things, but we are cheap, so we usually pick based on what we have a coupon for. We’ve found some fun favorites that way too!

  7. Highlands corned beef is really tasty. It’s nice that you are good at cooking. I can cook corned beef but the rest of the dishes, I’m clueless.

  8. I’ve tried the Highlands Corned Beef before and i really love it. It has a lot of difference with other corned beef 🙂
    Nice post!

  9. Tomorrow is the last day of school here. I was running out of ideas! Loved the first bento box.
    I´m quite bored with food at the moment. Hoping for the hotter weather to start with salad based meals.

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