Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA

It’s not everyday when I see The Peach Kitchen header on top of a delicious Japanese cheesecake. That’s why I was both surprised and delighted when I received this Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake with The Peach Kitchen header on top of it.

Unlike its American counterpart, which is dense and made up of crushed graham, cream cheese, and topped with fruits, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is fluffy, light and golden. It literally melts in your mouth with every bite!

I’ve tried other japanese cheesecake before but nothing comes to par with Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake. It’s so light, I think I can finish one whole cheesecake in one sitting.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA

They just opened their fourth branch at the SM Mall of Asia last December 12, 2014. This branch is one of the first which has an oven and you can see the cheesecakes being cooked fresh everyday. You can even smell its delicious aroma if you’re seated right across the door! What I love about it is that it has no preservatives at all and they use the freshest and finest ingredients.

Fresh from the oven, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is handstamped with a caricature of Uncle Tetsu Ojisan, licking his lips. Seems like even he  himself couldn’t wait to have his cheesecake!

You can get one whole original cheesecake for ₱299. Same as with the new chocolate flavor cheesecake. If you love fruits, you can get Fruit Cheesecake for ₱349.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA

If you’re not into soft, fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake, then you’ll probably like these Cheesecake Toasts which are available for ₱75/each. Also in chocolate and original flavors.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA

With this new branch comes in the Uncle Tetsu’s Sweet Creation where in you can make your own cheesecake by choosing spreads and toppings you like. For an additional ₱60, you can choose 1 spread and 2 toppings.

You can choose from Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, and Dulce de Leche spreads. For the toppings, you can choose from chocolate coins, almond flakes, colored sprinkles, m&m’s…..

…chocolate balls, marshmallows, dried mangoes, marble drops, pretsels, and gummy candy.

For my cheesecake, I chose Blueberry spread plus pretzels and almond flakes for toppings.

The result is this beautiful merry-go-round-like cheesecake that’s not only fluffy and creamy. It has become fruity and crunchy too. The added texture just made it more delicious.

This is Jill’s Cheesecake and Ruth’s Cheesecake. Both looks very tempting, don’t you think?

Me together with Mj of The Lifestyle Hub, Ruth of Ruthilicious, Jill of The Food Scout, Charles Co, and Mr. Walter Co,the owner of Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake and Walter Bread

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at SM MOA

Congratulations to Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake for opening their SM Mall of Asia branch!

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake also has other branches in SM Fairview, The Podium, Alabang Town center, and SM San Lazaro.

For more details, you can hop over Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake Facebook Page.

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46 Responses

  1. I have never had Japanese cheesecake before. I would be delighted to see my blog header on a cheesecake! I’m so envious!

  2. Oh my! I have never tried Japanese Cheesecake, but now, I believe I need too! So many different toppings! How fun!

  3. It’s kind of like an ice cream parlor, but instead of ice cream it’s CHEESECAKE! I love, love, love Cheesecake. That is so cool that you can pick your toppings, and they are so artistic when they do it. yummmmmmmm

  4. OMG! The branding placed on the cakes is so adorable. I have never had “Japanese” cheesecake. I want to believe it is just like cheesecake served in the states but only a taste test will prove that! 🙂

  5. What a fun experience, I have never heard of Japanese cheesecake but this place looks delicious! I am not sure what I would select, probably have to pick a little bit of everything. Your choice looks delicious!

  6. I got to try a sampler at SM Fairview and we were in a rush at the time so we weren’t able to buy but it was delicious. Will definitely give this a try!

  7. I bought mine at SM F’view but they didn’t offer spreads and toppings for customizing ( and nothing’s on display but plain cakes). Nevertheless, the taste was great! ..and we even made it last for a week for we didn’t want to run out of it so quick!!!

  8. I cannot believe that people actually eat this disgrace of a cheesecake. If you want cheesecake, you get the real thing : New York style or whatever.

    If you want Mamon, you get Goldilocks and not this abomination. Do not let yourself be fooled by dubious rave reviews especially those who might be shills for a new product with their blog name on the box.

    This is an extremely expensive, lighter, drier, less tasty and less cheesy version of our own Mamon. It costs 300 pesos when a Mamon will cost you 30. Or less. People say it’s “so light I could eat it in one sitting!” Is that really praise? Sounds like a drawback to me. You are getting far less for your peso with a “super light” cake “that is like air.”

    This is a case of Emperor’s New Clothes. But hey, go ahead and waste your 300 pesos on this if you want. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Different people have different opinions about the food that they eat. You didn’t like Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake, fine. I respect you for it, it’s your own opinion but don’t judge other people just because they do. Calling me out and telling me I like it because I have my name on the box… Calling out my grasp of the English language and my tastebuds.

      WOW! That is simply RUDE. Dude, ONE WORD: RESPECT.

      Cheers Erwin!

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