Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

And so we are here at the El Cañonero Resort in Talipanan Beach in Puerto Galera. It took a bus ride, a boat ride and a trike to get us here. We left Manila at around 9am and arrived at the resort at 5pm.

It’s really nice of sis to book a resort away from the popular White Beach where most of the partying happens. This beach, though away from everything, is pretty quiet and there isn’t a lot of people around.

We decided to take a few photos first and scout the area before it gets dark.

Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

After a few clicks, we settled in at the first table on the far end of the resort where we have a view of the mountain and the sunset. We were a bit tired and hungry from our trip from Manila and we could use a serene view and a relaxing setting.

Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

Ykaie wants Aglio Oilio Spaghetti cause that’s her favorite. Only garlic, olive oil and parmesan to liven up the quiet, al dente pasta. The serving was quite big so I decided to just share it with her.

Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in El Cañonero, Puerto Galera

I ordered Caprese Bruschetta to go with the pasta. I was expecting baguette slices with tomatoes, basil and mozzeralla cheese but what came out was big slices of bread with tomato slices, mozzarella cheese and dried basil. The bread slices seemed heavier or denser than normal, like it was made with little or without yeast. But, it actually tasted great…it was chewy and it tasted homemade.

Sis was craving for Squid Adobo and Octopus’s version is unlike how we cook it at home. The squid ink sauce is absent nevertheless, it still tasted like adobo and because it was a bit spicy it made the rice a lot more interesting.

My cousin Rome went for our favorite comfort food: Grilled Pork Belly, which he happily shared with everyone.

Mango Flambé sounded like an interesting dessert but when it was served, it turned out to be a bit disappointing. It was served with chocolate instead of vanilla ice cream and the ice cream seemed to have already melted once upon a time and then kept in the freezer to regain its frozen state. The mango was caramelized with brown sugar and being the sugar fiend that I am, savored it with utmost respect.

I ended the meal with a fine Cappuccino. I think good coffee will always set the mood whether a meal is bad or good.

Ykaie knew we would go night swimming after dinner and she couldn’t wait to jump into the pool…

It was a fine night and all that we could ask for is a band to serenade us with lovely island melodies using modern instruments and more to enhance the beat.

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  1. We’ve never been to Puerto Galera. That’s in our list of vacation places. We hope to see and experience the beauty of this place soon. The pool is really nice, by the way! 

  2. Same with Tetcha, we’ve never been to Puerto Galera but I would love to go there. I will wait for a little more time – I have a baby to take care.

  3. hi,

    tanong ko lang mgkano price range per meal dito sa el canonero? punta sana kmi, check ko lang uf ok sa budget ang foods


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