Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy is Truly #Extraordinarylicious!

Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy is Truly #Extraordinarylicious!

Jollibee has captured my heart once again when they sent out a bucket of their new Glazed Chickenjoy. I’ve seen it in billboards but I’ve yet to try it as I have been loyal to my favorite crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy. But yesterday, my tastebuds got their Valentine’s treat! The same crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy bit instead of a gravy dipping suce on the side, it’s glazed with the sweet, savory sauce making it truly extraordinarylicious!

Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy is Truly #Extraordinarylicious!

You know how much I love anything that has sauce or glaze on it. So this really hits number one in my book. What’s nice about the Glazed Chickenjoy is that they didn’t skimp on the sauce.

Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy is Truly #Extraordinarylicious!

It was also a coincidence that Jollibee sent over a bucketful of our favorite chicken part! We had chicken thighs and chicken breasts.

Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy is Truly #Extraordinarylicious!

Our family loved this sweet, savory, crispy, juicy, saucy — extraordinarylicious combination (specially Ykaie who’s a die-hard fan of the original Chickenjoy) ! I’m glad Jollibee has come up with the Glazed Chickenjoy. What a perfect time to launch it too, the sweetest time of the year — Valentine’s Day! Now we have something new to lve at Jollibee.

Guess what? Jollibee just gave this pregnant woman something new to crave for! We were at Jollibee again today because I just can’t get this Glazed Chickenjoy off my mind! The Glazed Chickenjoy is best paired with buttered corn but you can see I paired mine with Creamy Macaroni Soup and Regular Yum. I have been given extra half rice too because I upsized my drink. I know, ang takaw ko. Pleased don’t unfriend me.

Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy thigh parts again for mommy and Ykaie

We went at Jollibee because of the Glazed Chickenjoy but I was surprised to see Jollibee all set up for Valentine’s Day! They had heart-shaped balloons and other Valentine’s decor all over the store. They even have a Valentine’s mini-concert at 7pm! Each customer was given a small, red heart-shaped balloon after they order.

There was a photo booth too. You just have to show them a ₱250 worth receipt and you can get your photo printed for free

Ykaie had a great time posing with the different props and playing some of their games. It was such an unplanned Valentine’s Day out.

You can get the Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy meal with rice and a regular drink for ₱90 or their Super Value Meal with a side dish of buttered corn for ₱102. It’s also available in buckets, a 6-piece bucket with 3 rice and drinks is ₱378 while an 8-piece bucket with 4 rice and drinks is ₱499. You may opt to mix and match it with the Original Chickenjoy too for the ultimate Chickenjoy experience.

Better head to the nearest Jollibee store near you if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s so good… crispy, juicy, truly extraordinarylicious!

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108 Responses

  1. Yes this is a new taste for Jollibee and really different. The glaze coupled with the chicken breading gives much more to be desired. We ate last Friday night at SM Molino branch.

  2. That does look absolutely delicious! It looks like the kids really like it, too!

  3. oh my God it seems totally tasty and fab… i dnt think it exsist here in italy but will look for it may be in cities like milan o roma

  4. Yes Yes Yes!!! I love this new Glazed Chicken joy!!! My hubby and I did errands last week and he ordered this. I ordered a burger and it turned out, I swapped by burger for his glazed chicken. Really yummy!!!

  5. I’m totally salivating over here looking at these pics! Wish there were one of these around me- would it be totally wrong to now go and deep fry some chicken for breakfast? Lol, happy you had such an unexpectedly perfect Valentine’s Day!

  6. Unplanned V blowout at Jollibee with hubby and kid turned out to be wholesome and fun because of the Glazed Chickenjoy! It’s indeed if my wife and I join it there too.

  7. omg this chicken looks beyond delicious!!!! I could really go for some right about now!!!

  8. Although I’m a strict vegetarian, I must admit that this looks delicious in every sense of the word! It looks like it was a big hit, too.

  9. I’ve never heard of Jubilee, but I do love love love fried chicken so wherever it’s at my ears and eyes do perk up. It sure does look good I’ll tell ya and your little cutie pie there does look like a happy camper. Thanks for sharing. hugs

  10. Shame on you…..making me sit here and drool all over my keyboard! I am so jealous we do not have a Jollibee around here (nor have I ever seen one). That chicken looks heavenly though and if I ever get the chance to eat at one, I will!

  11. I could tell from your photos that you had a lot of fun there… Loved the props. 🙂

  12. We don’t have a Jollibee anywhere near us but I wished they did. Their food looks so delicious!

  13. I think my fave thing about this would be the photobooth, as I can’t stomach fast food. All of a sudden, I’m approaching 30 and everything greasy gets to me 🙁
    It’s nice to be able to mark a family moment with pictures though!! That’s such a great idea.

  14. Glazed boneless chicken nuggets are one of my favorite splurges, so I think I would like this chicken. We don’t have this eatery where I am, but I would definitely try it if I could.

  15. OH MY GOSH, that Glazed Chicken looks amazing! I’d love to try it some day although I’ve never been to Jollibee before <3

  16. That glazed chicken looks yummy. But I’m such a loyal ChickenJoy fan so I’m pretty sure I’d still prefer the original. 🙂 It won’t hurt to try this new one though.

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