Starbucks Macchiato Beverages, New Food Items, and Promotion for February – April 2015

Starbucks Macchiato Beverages

Starbucks Macchiato Beverages, New Food Items, and Promotion for February - April 2015

When I was still a Starbucks barista, one of my favorite iced beverages is the Caramel Macchiato. Aside from sounding sophisticated when ordering it, (ehem, ehem) I like that it’s milk in the bottom and then espresso shot on top, making it a two-tone drink. The caramel drizzle on top doesn’t melt when it’s a cold drink, it just sinks at the bottom and you can suck through your straw injecting a sweet, buttery flavor whenever you take a sip of your coffee.

This February, Starbucks Philippines celebrates the creativity of its partners with beautiful, perfectly prepared Starbucks Macchiato beverages that can be enjoyed comfortingly hot or refreshingly iced.

Caramel Macchiato (Hot or Iced Short – ₱ 135 Tall – ₱ 145 Grande ₱ 160 Venti– ₱ 170)

The Starbucks Caramel Macchiato combines freshly steamed milk with a topping of velvety-rich foam, an intense hit of our signature espresso and finished with a buttery caramel drizzle.

Hazelnut Macchiato (Hot or Iced Short – ₱ 135 Tall – ₱ 145 Grande ₱ 160 Venti– ₱ 170)

The Starbucks Hazelnut Macchiato features velvety steamed milk with our signature, rich espresso shot and a toasty hazelnut flavor in every sip. The beverage is finished with a drizzle of hazelnut flavored sauce, specially-crafted to delight your taste buds.

Starbucks New Food Items for February 2015

Here are sweet and savory treats to perfectly pair with your favorite coffee. These are available from February 24 – April 20, 2015

BLUEBERRY DOME CAKE (Slice: ₱ 150|Whole ₱ 1,400) – A moist and buttery cake filled with creamy blueberry mousse then finished with blueberry cream icing.

CHICKEN BBQ WRAP (₱ 175) – A tortilla filled with chicken breast fillet enrobed with smoky BBQ sauce and corn slaw. Best served warm.

CHICKEN AND SPINACH ROLL (₱ 100) – A tortilla-filled with mouth-watering creamy chicken and spinach filling. Best served warm. (*Not available in Boracay.)

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA ON SESAME BREAD (₱ 175) – A crusty sesame bread filled with Parmesan baked chicken fillet, cheddar cheese, roasted eggplant and pomodoro sauce. Best served warm. (*Not available in Boracay.)

S’MORES  (₱ 70) – Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and marshmallow baked into a bar. (*Not available in Boracay.)

Featured Coffee

There are two special multi-region blends that are only available for a limited time and they are:

Starbucks master coffee blenders and roasters spent over a year tasting different origin coffees and blends and were dedicated to finding something that would be so amazing in flavor, body, and aroma. This coffee has spicy, cherry and herbal flavors.

The Three Region Blend exudes floral, citrus, and berry aromas and flavors; it’s the kind of coffee that makes you want to sit outside, watch the blossoms bloom and savor a beautiful day.

Starbucks Spring Card 2015

Just like the flowers blooming in Spring, everything’s bright and colorful for our new Starbucks card.

Starbucks February to March Promotion


  1. From February 24 to March 5, 2015, Starbucks Philippines will run an online poll (through to ask our Facebook fans which of the two (2) featured Macchiato beverages is their favorite. Starbucks Philippines Facebook fans can vote on what team they’re on: Team Caramel or Team Hazelnut.
  2. The winning Macchiato beverage will be announced on March 6, 2015 via Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page and thru the Daily Offerings Board in Starbucks stores.
  3. The winning Macchiato beverage will be celebrated with a special Macchiato Buy One, Get One event, Macchiato Monday, on March 9, 2015 in all Starbucks stores nationwide.
  4. The Macchiato Buy One, Get One event is valid only for the winning Macchiato beverage (hot and iced, of any size).
  5. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
  6. Beverage star will be given for the purchased beverage when paid using the Starbucks Card.
  7. Promotion will run in all Starbucks stores nationwide.

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  1. I haven’t been to Starbucks, but I love to try the caramel machiato, and the blueberry dome cake looks yummy!

  2. This definitely made my mouth water. An avid coffee fan here! I’m glad they have a promo that promotes macchiato 🙂

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