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I have wavy and really unmanageable hair. To tame my hair and keep it from spreading on my face, I  go to the salon and have it rebonded annually. This way, I can have a wash and wear hair that’s easy to manage. But you know what, shampooing and conditioning isn’t really enough to keep hair looking shiny and healthy. Even when my hair is rebonded, it sometimes look dry and thicker than what it really is because it becomes frizzy.

Last week, I began using Vitress to address my hair problems. I figured using hair serum like Vitress would be the best way to tame my hair and make it sleek and healthy. It would also be a great way to protect my hair against damages from heat, UV rays and other environmental aggressors.

So what is Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat? Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat is a special serum that uses a blend of silicones. What it does to hair is that it wraps and seals each strand to protect it from damage and breaking. It gives hair instant and intense shine, smoothness, softness, protection and manageability taming frizzy hair. And because it’s very gentle, it can be reapplied  throughout the day to give hair more shine and flair.

There are four (4) available variants that is applicable to specific hair type:

Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat

  • For Stubborn Curls and Waves
  • It uses vita-relax technology
  • It helps flatten unruly, wavy hair
  • You score a naturally straighter look

Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat

  • For Dry, Damaged Hair
  • It uses a hydro-restore system
  • Resists the ill-effects of chemicals used in perming, coloring, and other damage-inducing hair treatments
  • You score healthy, satin-smooth hair

Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat

  • For Those Who Use Hot Styling Tools
  • It uses Thermo-Shield Complex
  • Protects hair from the harmful effects of curling, straightening, or blowdrying
  • You can style your hair any way you want without the guilt!

Vitress Special Edition Hair Cuticle Coat

  • For Those Who Want To Feel Like An It Girl
  • Designed and co-created by Solenn Heusaff
  • Tames curls and waves, so you can rock smooth, silky and shiny hair
  • Has a powdery scent, which Solenn also selected herself

Among the four variants, I chose Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat for my hair. I figured it’s what my hair needs since it has been damaged due to rebonding. No worries on the price too because it’s very affordable at: only ₱38 for 15ml, ₱60 for 30ml, ₱87 for 50ml(for classic variants) , ₱49 for 20ml and ₱75 for 30ml (for specialized variants) and ₱80 for 30ml (for special edition by Solenn Heusaff).

Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat is  very easy to use. It can be used on either dry or damp hair. Just place a pea-sized amount of product only on your palm and rub it together. Of course, the amount you use should be relative to the length and thickness of  your hair. I find that 1-2 drops is already enough for my not-so-thick-locks. Fingercomb through strands and make sure all hair gets Vitress. Then just reapply as needed all through out the day to keep hair from damages, say for example, from the cold blast of your aircon to the crazy humid weather.

A lot of women, like my sister, doesn’t like using hair serums because of several reasons:

    1. They are afraid that it might make their hair look greasy. There’s only one solution to this problem, only apply a few drops of hair serum. Just enough to tame the hair and then just retouch later as needed.
    2. They are afraid that it’s heavy on their strands. The solution, is just like what I do with my hair: apply 1-2 drops on my palm, rub it together and then spread evenly over my hair. It doesn’t weigh a thing.
    3. They don’t think that they need it. If you’re suffering from dry, frizzy hair , then you do need it.

Check out how different my hair looks with and without Vitress. With Vitress, my hair looks sleek and healthier.It’s a lot shinier too.

Aside from Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat, Vitress also has Hair Polish Creams that are the perfect finishing touch for any hairstyle. It’s available in three variants namely:

Vitress Strengthening Hair Polish 100ml (₱56)

This light cream uses Vita Strength Formula to help prevent split ends and breakage for strong, shiny hair.

Vitress Long-Lasting Fragrance Hair Polish 100ml (₱56)

Thanks to its Scent-Infinity Complex, this non-greasy cream keeps your hair smelling fresh, fragrant, and looking shiny throughout the day.

Vitress Sun Protect Hair Polish 100ml (₱56)

If you’re always under the sun, use this cream that’s spiked with a unique Sun-Defense System to shield your strands from the hair-damaging UV rays.

Take your pick and make having sleek healthy-looking hair everyday your New year’s Resolution!

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87 Responses

  1. I havent heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing the before & after photos. I too have wavy hair that can get frizzy. Will have to look into this.

  2. I get keratin treatments at the salon, so I don’t know if I can use this or not. I can only use certain things on my hair. I will have to ask.

  3. I’m not actually a big fan of hair serum/polish because of the sticky feeling they leave on my hands but thanks for sharing this blog post. I can share it with my friends who wants to have a non-frizzy and good looking hair. 😉

  4. I’ve never heard of this product before! I’m definitely one of those people who are worried serums will make my hair look greasy and weigh it down!

  5. My hair is also very wavy and unruly most of the time. And yes, I also am afraid that using Vitress Cuticle Coat would make my hair look greasy and heavy. After your post, I am considering using it.

  6. We’re a family or curly/kinky hair girls (minus hubby lol) and this looks like something great! And the hair looks so shiny and healthy and def not greasy at all!

  7. No wonder. I thought before only fingernails have cuticle. Hair has also one. Hair care is absolutely no hassle for Vitress. Any kind of hair stress is being addressed.

  8. As someone who has frizzy. thick hair; these products look promising! I will have to see if I can get my hands on some! Thanks!

  9. Great review and I love that you added before and after pictures. I may have to look into that hair repair option.

  10. I used to use vitress when I have long hair. Like you, suki din ako ng salon for rebounding before. Vitress is a nice product to tame frizzy hair.

  11. At first I don’t use these things because it makes my hair oily. But I learned they do wonders to lock in moisture

  12. Glad to have known about these Vitress products. I have dry, wavy hair and perhaps I might benefit from using this kind of product. I will try to look for it the next time I go shopping.

  13. Vitress is a pretty reliable hair product. They are here for quite some time and I remember using one of their products years ago.

  14. I stopped using Vitress when I felt that it sort of “cooks” my hair whenever I am out in the sun. It gave me serious hair damage so I had to totally throw them out. 🙁

  15. The details in your blog post has cleared the misconception on using hair serums. I was hesitant to use them before but decided to close my eyes and use ’em to get rid of frizzy hair. It works!

  16. I really need some of this in my life! My hair get’s so frizzy and it’s already thick. Thanks!

  17. Wow, I could really use this. It makes such a big difference in your hair! Thanks for those comparison shots– that’s what won me over.

  18. Truly see the difference on the photos. I used Vitress before and super love the smell. Ganda naman ng buhok mo Sis:)

    1. That is why I love Vitress- I wish meron dito yan kaso I have no luck on finding one. They also have very nice packaging on their product. Great hair Sis:)

  19. These all sound like really products. I need to try the Sun Protect Polish. I am out in the sun a lot.

  20. I try not to use too much heat on my hair when possible after years of frying it over and over. Whenever possible I try to use a serum, but some I’ve tried are so expensive, but i guess a little goes a long way. Your hair looks really good after using, thanks for sharing!

  21. I used the hair polish before pero di ko hiyang. Nagiging oily hair ko.
    But it looks nice on hour hair as shown in the photo.

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