A Mother’s Love and Johnson’s® Baby Complete Care Diaper System™

Before I’m a foodie, before being a friend, before being a sister…I am, first and foremost, a mommy. As mommies, we don’t want to see our children get hurt by anything whether physically or emotionally. Our hearts are the one that gets broken first before our children even know that they’re hurt. That is why we do everything that we can to protect them while we still can… make sure that no one will ever hurt them. And I guess that’s how mothers will always be up until our babies grow up.

The TVC above embodies the mommies of today, overflowing with love and passion to protect their babies from the smallest to the biggest thing that threatens to hurt them. For babies, small things like  diaper rash can become a big problem when untreated and unmanaged properly. With the help of Johnson’s® Baby Complete Care Diaper System™ , we can ensure that our baby’s bottom stays healthy, free from diaper rash and the different factors that cause it, such as wetness and irritation. Prevention is always better than cure.

And nothing can ever make a mommy very happy than seeing her baby sparkling with joy…

Johnson’s® Baby Complete Care Diaper System™: “Makabagong proteksyon sa pagmamahal mong di nagbabago”

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13 Responses

  1. I am trying to remember my routine with Dindin before. I think I put some Desitin to prevent diaper rash. And well, we just change the diaper as much as we can.

  2. My son is asthmatic so I use this powder, I forgot the brand, that his allergologist recommended to use. Does Johnson have that also, a diaper rash powder that’s not “dusty”?

  3. Johnson’s baby powder has been part of most children’s life in daily care and will probably be for a long time.

  4. Johnson’s baby products are also trusted and used by moms. We should always take care of our baby especially in using diaper and good to have a product that has a diaper care system.

  5. I agree! If we can only take their place whenever they’re sick or hurting I bet all mums will volunteer to do it. Our children’s safety + protection, as well as their comfort, are our top priorities as mums + it is just fortunate that a lot of brands, like Johnson’s baby products, allow us to do exactly that! 😉

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