Honeybon’s Sakura Mango Roll

Honeybon Sakura Mango Roll

Honeybon's Sakura Mango Roll

One of the things in my bucket list that I have yet to check is to experience the Hanami and Cherry Blossoms Festival in Japan. It is celebrated during this time of the year, mostly from March to May, when the Japanese Cherry Trees (Sakura) are in full bloom.

To celebrate the Sakura Festival, Honeybon Pastry Shop, a Japanese designer cake shop, unveiled their their latest offering last week– the Sakura Mango Roll.

Honeybon's Sakura Mango Roll

The Sakura Mango Roll is a combination of the flavors of Japan and the Philippines. The soft, light, and fluffy chiffon is cherry-infused while the filling consist of sweet Guimaras mangoes. It is covered in light pink frosting that is not overly sweet……… the perfect ending to your meal or just to pair with coffee.

I particularly like how flavorful yet light this cake is. Each bite will give you a unique flavor combination that will leave you wanting for more.

You can get it for โ‚ฑ550 (whole) and โ‚ฑ120 (slice) at all Honeybon Pastry Shop and Tokyo Bubble Tea Branches.

Honeybon's Sakura Mango Roll

I was really surprised to find out that the owner of Tokyo Bubble Tea and Honeybon pastry Shop are husband and wife. That’s the reason why you can find Honeybon products inside Tokyo Bubble Tea restaurants. It’s a good thing though because I love the Bubble Teas at TBT and I’m planning to try out the different cakes of Honeybon.

Honeybon's Sakura Mango Roll

Honeybon offers many designer cakes like the Brazo Mango, Chocolate Caramel Cake, Chocolate Decadence, Honey Mango, Mango Cheesecake, Midnight Opera, Mocha Sansrival, Red Velvet, Roasted Cocoa Mousse, Starwberry Alpine, Strawberry Matcha Mousse, and Strawberry Shortcake.

But among all those cakes, the two cakes I am mostly curious about is the Matcha Tiramisu….

and the Matcha Cappuccino.

I will definitely be back at Honeybon to try them out.

Honeybon Pastry Shop is located at 253 Katipunan Ave.,Quezon City, Philippines (right across MacDonald’s)

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54 Responses

  1. OH my the cakes looks delicious. MY current favorite cake is the Mango Tart at Victorinos in Scout Rallos. I’m curious about the Sakura Mango Roll. I must try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh wow. That Sakura Mango Roll looks sooooo nice. I’d give that a 10 for presentation. I hope it tasted just as good?

  3. How awesome that they are husband and wife! Everything sure looks spectacular, I’ll def. give ’em that one!

  4. I love their cakes! It’s just that the place is too far from where I live. I’m totally digging the Match Cappuccino. My next friend who’s celebrating his birthday is in for a treat because I have a new go-to place for cakes – something new compared the usuals ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. All those cakes! I love Japanese foods and desserts, they all seem healthy and almost guilt-free to eat. Anyone who is on diet surely won’t hesitate for a bite. I want to try that Matcha Tiramisu too! I wish they’ll open a branch in our place since we already have the Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. They should hire you to do their advertising, the photos are awesome! I am not a fan of fruity cakes, but the idea of the Chocolate Caramel cake sounds perfectly yummy! Too bad it is 830am where I am!

  7. All of these pastries are so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always wanted to see the sakura trees bloom. Maybe one day I’ll make it out to Japan (or Washington DC) to take part in some of the festivities!!

  8. I live in a Japanese part of town and I have been seeing cakes like these around. They look SO pretty but I don’t know how good they taste???

  9. OMG, you got me craving for these cakes! It’s too bad their only branch is so far from us. I hope they put up a branch near us soon.

  10. That Sakura Mango Roll looks amazing! Those cakes also look super yummy! Nothing’s better than finding a new restaurant to visit <3

  11. omg this looks pretty amazing!!!! Mango is one of my favorite flavors for anything!!!! I wanna give this a try!

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