Stark Rice Cooker from CDR King

Stark Rice Cooker from CDR-King

I was a regular customer of CDR King back when we still had a small internet cafe. That’s where I regularly buy my headphones, mousepads, and web cams — well, almost all of those that I used in our small internet cafe. Do you know why? Well,  CDR King is known for selling cellphone and computer accessories at the most economical of prices. And they sell almost everything you can think of…

So I wasn’t that surprised when they sent out this Stark Rice Cooker last week.

The Stark Rice Cooker is an automatic multi-function digital rice cooker that is comparable to today’s generation of rice cookers in the market.

Stark Rice Cooker from CDR-King

It has a 3L capacity and a digital panel with large LED digital display and can be used for the following:

  • rice
  • regular rice
  • hard rice
  • soft rice
  • soup/porridge
  • stew
  • steam
  • reheat

Stark Rice Cooker from CDR-King

It has a removable non-stick inner pot for easy serving and cleanup and comes with a steamer basket, a spatula, measuring cup and a removable spatula holder which can be attached on the side (see photo below).

The Stark Rice Cooker is available at all CDR King branches for only ₱1,380.

I have yet to try it but I like how it looks like and it’s perfect for a small family of four.

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64 Responses

  1. HI Peachy – I never thought of using a rice cooker for steaming vegies, soups and stews – and this size would be much better for my hubby and me – thank you for the ideas!

  2. So weird I was actually just looking into getting a rice cooker! This one looks great and I’m going to have to check into it more! Thanks for showing it to me!

  3. I’ve been cooking rice for years, so mine always come out perfect every time. But that rice cooker looks awesome! I would love it for the steaming capabilities.

  4. The only rice I know how to cook, is basmati. I let it boil in water for 11 mins and strain out the excess then serve!

  5. I love how CD-R King offers products aside from the usual computer stuff. What makes buying at CD-R King more attractive is how the products are reasonably priced. The Stark rice cooker looks pretty cool, too. I like the design.

  6. That’s cool! I didn’t even know they made such a thing! It looks really neat! I wonder if you can use it to cook anything besides rice?

  7. Wow! That’s neat! I had no idea that you could get something like this! I am used to just boiling the rice in a bag, I wouldn’t know how to react to well-cooked rice!

  8. I have been thinking of buying a rice cooker. I love rice and have it almost every day. I will have to take a look at this one.

  9. I love my rice cooker. throwing on some rice, then heading out with my kids to the park and coming home to dinner almost made is priceless.

  10. this is something I really need in my life!!! I love rice and it just taste so much better in a rice cooker!

  11. That’s a sleek looking rice cooker. I use our rice cooker every single day. And that one would be perfect for us since I only cook two cups of rice every meal for the three of us.

  12. This reminds me of invention of Tony Start lol, as a physical enthusiast, getting a rice cooker like this is perfect for weight loss, because you can make brown rice from this.

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