How to Make Rock Candy

There are so many different kinds of candy, and everyone has their favourite. In fact, people can get in heated arguments about which kind of candy is the best EVER. One candy that most people can agree is great is rock candy. It’s a timeless treat—for hundreds of years people have enjoyed this simply sweet.

Rock candy is more than just candy though. It’s also a fun science experiment. That’s right; this simple candy is a great way to show the children how crystals are formed. With this easy rock candy recipe, you can conduct your own science experiment at home.

All you need is one and a half cups of white sugar, one cup of water, and food colouring or flavours (if you want them). You’ll also need a candy thermometer, string or candy sticks, and an 8-inch square foil pan or small jars.

In a pan on the stovetop, dissolve sugar in the water and cook without stirring until the mixture reaches 250º on candy thermometer. Add the food colouring or flavour (like cinnamon) and stir in well.

For method one: Prepare the pan, punch holes on two opposite sides of the pan, about halfway. Lace seven strings from one side of the pan to the other side. Make the string loose enough so the ends of the string stick out of pan on both sides, but lay on the bottom inside of the pan. Place this pan in a larger pan to catch excess syrup. Pour the syrup into the laced pan to a level of 3/4 inch above the strings. Cover the surface with a piece of foil. Check the candy occasionally to watch the crystal form. It will take about a week to crystallize, depending on humidity. When crystallized, cut the strings and dislodge the rock candy from the pan.

For method two: Before you make the syrup, trim the candy sticks to fit in the jars with a few inches sticking out. Dip the stick in water, roll in sugar, and set aside to dry completely (doing this give the rock candy something to stick to when the sugar starts to crystallize).

Made the syrup and let it cool a few minutes. Put a sugared candy stick in a jar and ladle syrup into the jars. Cover the jar with foil, and set it out on the counter. Over the next several days, you can watch the crystals form.

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  1. Wow! This is like the candy from “Made in Candy”. I want to try making this. What if I don’t have foil pan or small jar?

  2. Knowing how to make rock candies is very interesting however, I’m not that patient in cooking. I would rather just buy it from the store than create it myself. Though this post would be helpful for those who would like to make and sell these. 🙂

  3. Oh how I wish we could do a sugar-free version of this. We don’t store granulated sugar in the house anymore, But what a great treat for us readers.

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