Going on a Themed Holiday in Europe

If you follow airfares and look at London travel tips, you’ll know that London is one of the most reasonably priced destinations in Europe, which means that it can often be used as a gateway for you to hop to another city on the continent after spending a few days enjoying yourself. But whether you plan to fly through London or another city, there are numerous ways to enjoy yourself on a themed vacation.

Themed vacations are a trip that is for a specific purpose. A good example would be going to see Comic-Con, the comic book convention in San Diego, or taking a Darwin cruise to the Galapagos to retrace Darwin’s experience and see how he came to the conclusions that he did.

Here are some examples of themed vacations in Europe that are quite popular:

British Literary Tour

If you go to the United Kingdom, you will obviously find the cradle of English literature where Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Dickens all worked hard to please their audiences. Just like you can visit Stonehenge, for each major author like Byron, there are museums, tours, and performances that are based upon their work. Shakespeare in particular is one of the biggest attractions in London, with the new Globe Theater setting the tone for the rest of the world. Up in Edinburgh, along with philosophers, Robert Louis Stevenson is a popular author to build a themed tour around.

If you like British authors, you will also find some of the rarest books in the English-speaking world here, allowing you to browse first editions and other rare items.

Spanish Cuisine Tour

Spain is very under-rated when it comes to its cuisine. As far as food is concerned, visiting Valencia for Paella, Andalusia for Gazpacho, and visiting the farmers that make Jamon Serrano are pieces of a tour that you won’t forget. Researching before-hand at foodie sites and expert travel sites like Hipmunk will make your experience complete. On the beverage side, following writer Ernest Hemingway’s trail as he went from bar to bar in Madrid and throughout the country is a popular pastime- as is going regional and trying their Rioja and their Sherry in Jerez.

Italian Art Tour

Italy is full of some of the most famous art in history. So if you decide to go to Florence to see the art that the Medicis’ paid for, it makes sense to actually tour the region by train and go to Venice, Milan, and Genoa to see works by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Da Vinci that will round out your overall experience. Southern Italy is also full of art treasure, with Rome and Naples leading the way.

French Wine Tour

France is probably the best-known wine making country in the world. They have an incredible array of grape varieties make fitting even a small number of the winemaking regions in on your vacation difficult. Burgundy prides itself on having the best wines in the world. In fact, at a certain point in history, they continually told their vineyard owners to stop producing Gamay grapes because it was dragging their reputation down. Gamay growers moved production to Beaujeu and today Beaujolais is one of the most famous wines in France. Touring Burgundy is one of the best ways to taste a full range of French wines.

Themed vacations are a pretty interesting way to learn more about a country than if you went ala carte. Some tourism agencies, like those in Germany, put out specific themed vacation ideas with the research work already done for you. If there isn’t a map or tour available to help, research using expert travel sites like Hipmunk is a good idea.

This post was provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that helps you to locate the best deals on transportation, accommodations, and more.

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35 Responses

  1. Since I live in UK and only half an hour from london I am not sure it is ‘reasonably priced’ lol it can be on the expensive side but the theatres are not too bad

  2. It’s great planning your own tour to Europe as an alternative to guided tours because then you can choose from local walking tours and do your own thing. I once did a literary tour in London and Stratford-Upon-Avon. I went to Shakespeare’s houses. Back in the city I went to Baker St. to see Sherlock’s Holmes “house,” since I was a fan of the books from childhood!

  3. We are somewhat considering a trip to London next year as my son wants to attend a huge car show about 70 miles from, can’t think of town now. We do a lot of cruises, and love touring the cities and countrysides.

  4. Going on a wine tour seems like it would be so much fun. I’ve never been but I’m looking forward to it someday soon.

  5. The Spanish cuisine tour sounds like a great idea to me! These are all such fun ideas though and I’d love to take a holiday in Europe!

  6. I would love to go on a themed holiday in Europe. I don’t drink so there wouldn’t be a wine tasting for me but I know all my girlfriends would love to do something like that, and I’d tag along!

  7. Oh oh oh I would do an Italian food tour! I like the idea of themed vacations. I think it would be fun to do this one day with my family.

  8. We have been talking about doing a British Literary Tour for quite a long time. I think it may finally happen when our eldest graduates in a few years – kind of a happy hs graduation present!

  9. Themed holidays are my way to travel! I have been on a British Literary Tour and loved every minute of it. Next on my list is the French Wine Tour.

  10. i think going away on a themed holiday is fun! Not only does one get to take in the sites, but based on food (a passion of mine), I think it enhances the overall holiday experience!

  11. I have never took a themed vacation before but it sounds like an awesome idea. Going to Europe is one of my dreams for some day. I would love to go on the Italian Art Tour for sure or the French Wine Tour. Thanks for sharing.

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