Mesa Filipino Moderne

I think I passed by Mesa Filipino Moderne restaurant a lot of times than I remember. Often times, I don’t really pay attention to restaurants that serve Filipino food because, hey, it’s also what we normally eat at home. It’s what I prepare for my family and when we go out, I want to to something different.

Last month when my SIL was here, she treated us at Mesa for dinner. She was raving at how good the food is there specially the Laing. A quick glance at the big menu outside of the restaurant and I was sold. The restaurant indeed serve Filipino food but it was with either a modern twist or a fusion of some sort. Interesting!

Mesa Filipino Moderne

Our meal started with some Elephant Clam (Diwal) which was baked in garlic and butter (₱275). You can also choose to have it sautéed in black beans or steamed with garlic and soya instead. It was my first time to try Elephant clams and I find it way too rubbery for my liking. I don’t know if it’s really that way or they may have overcooked it. I think I will have to give this shellfish another try.

Mesa Filipino Moderne

Ykaie wanted the Grilled Liempo Mesa Way (₱195), of course. It is classic grilled pork belly which I think they marinated in a soy-based marinade. It was perfectly cooked and best enjoyed dipped in spicy vinegar.

Mesa Filipino Moderne

I like the Binagoongang Baboy ni Kaka (₱225) which is pretty much how I serve my binagoongang baboy at home. It is not soupy and the shrimp paste was a little on the sweet side.

Mesa Filipino Moderne

What we ordered to drink: Sampaloc (Tamarind) Shake for me,  Mango Shake for Ykaie, and San Miguel Super Dry for peanutbutter.

This is the Laing 2 Ways (₱180), my sis inlaw was raving about. It laing that is cooked the way it should be, creamy, tasty, and topped with adobo flakes then served in original and crispy versions.

This is what I ordered from the menu: Ostrich Salpicao (₱370). I love salpicao and I was curious how ostrich meat is when cooked ala salpicao. The texture is very much similar to the texture of beef but it doesn’t have that delectable beef-y taste. I like it nonetheless. It’s not everyday that I get to eat ostrich meat.

There are still several items from menu that I want to try like the Crispchon with Pandan Crepe and garnishings, the Boneless Pata Tim, and the Chicken BBQ in Honey Patis. I don’t think we’ll be back soon, though because I don’t think peanutbutter was happy with the serving of the food as he finds it quite small.

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42 Responses

  1. Wow this is very different food to what I normally have. I would have to be very brave to try these bits. There is some fantastic options. We have tried ostrich though on holiday which was nice.

  2. These dishes look scrumptious! I’m trying to expand my palette a bit and taste new flavours. Those elephant clams are very tempting!

  3. We were able to try them during our stay in Boracay. We feel that their servings are small and that they have quite pricey meals or dishes for just a small serving. The food were okay however, we weren’t satisfied because it wasn’t actually enough. Nevertheless, it’s still a nice experience dining with them.

  4. The food looks delicious. The Ostrich Salpicao sounds interesting. I’ve never tried an ostrich meat and I would love to.

  5. I have eaten in Mesa before. Great tasting Filipino food that is presented very imaginatively. I really like their Laing, my favorite!

  6. OH MY GULAY! Your photos are so great! Great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill—the foods are great after all, that look great directly at eye level.

  7. I remember telling myself (and also left a comment on ur previous post) that I shouldn’t read your blog in between meals, it makes me hungry immediately and I gotta wait for my next meal time 🙁

    The Diwal / Elephant Clam looks so perfecttttttt.

  8. The Grilled Liempo Mesa Way is yummy despite of the fat… hahaha. Anyway most of the food at Mesa Filipino Moderne looks good except the Laing 2 Ways which I am not sure what is that.

  9. I love Mesa!!! I think it is one of my most fave Filipino restaurants. And yes, I specially love the Laing 2-ways, yum!!!

  10. Not really a fan of Filipino food but this sounds worth the try. I would really like to try the Laing 2-ways and Elephant Clam!! 🙂

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