CDO Bacon Chili Dog

CDO Bacon Chili Dog is taking your typical hotdog into the next level with CDO Premium Ham Franks, thick Chili Con Carne, grated cheese, crispy CDO bacon, and chopped onions!

CDO Bacon Chili Dog + CDO's 40th Anniversary Promo

Did you know that CDO products has been around for 40 years? Yup. They been helping us mommies for a long time now by providing us delicious high quality food products that we can trust. If you’re  going to search my kitchen right now for CDO products, you’ll find several. I have their bottled CDO Green Nata De Coco, CDO Cheesedog, CD Bacon, and CDO Sweet Ham. I keep them in stock specially for emergency days when I need to whip up a quick meal for my family.

Now that I’m pregnant and all I could prepare are quick meals, they’re more like a staple in our menu. We love all their products! The Sweet Ham and Cheese Dog are turned into sandwiches or ulam for rice taken as baon in school for Ykaie and at the office for peanutbutter. Bacon are either cooked into pasta or turned into BLT sandwiches.

CDO Bacon Chili Dog + CDO's 40th Anniversary Promo

I had a craving the other day, though… Chili Cheese Dog.

We went to the grocery to buy something which I haven’t tried before : CDO Premium Ham Franks. These are premium “hotdogs” that are bigger and meatier than the regular hot dogs plus it promises to have premium ham taste. Sounds like it would hit my cravings on the spot, right?

So I bought a pack together with some Honeycured Bacon to make this super kadooper delicious Bacon Chili Dog.

CDO Bacon Chili Dog + CDO's 40th Anniversary Promo

My verdict? Well, I already love the Honeycured Bacon and Ykaie does too. As a matter of fact, some of the bacon went inside a Pandesal BLT for her breakfast. As for the CDO Premium Ham Franks?  It actually exceeded my expectation. It’s very meaty and it indeed tastes like ham in every serious bite! Now I want to know if there are other variants so I could try.

The combination of CDO Premium Ham Franks and Honeycured Bacon in this sandwich is amazing. I know another sandwich recipe has been added to our family menu.

CDO 40th Anniversary Promo

Get a chance to win ₱40,000 or be one of the 40 winners of ₱2,000 worth of Gift Certificates by joining CDO’s 40th Anniversary Promo.


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I know CDO has been and will always be a part of your families. From hotdogs, cheesedogs, bacon, ham, tocino,the famous CDO Ulam Burger, to corned beef, nata de coco, and canned tuna.

So why not share with us how and who knows, you might win that ₱40,000!

To know more about the promo and CDO product updates, follow CDO Facebook Page:


CDO Bacon Chili Dog

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 4 pieces CDO Premium Ham Franks, fried
  • 4 pieces Hotdog buns
  • grated cheese
  • 1 cup Chili con Carne (Chili con Carne Recipe Here)
  • 3 tbsp chopped white onion
  • 250g CDO Honeycured Bacon, fried to a crisp, then crumbled.


  1. Assemble your Bacon Chili Dog Sandwich by layering the ingredients.
  2. Heat the hotdog buns in the oven toaster, then divide the CDO Premium Ham Franks into each one.
  3. Add some grated cheese and put two spoonfuls of Chili con Carne on each sandwich. Top with crumbled bacon and chopped white onion.
  4. Put more grated cheese and bacon as desired.
  5. Serve ASAP!

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140 Responses

  1. That looks amazing! I love chili dogs and hubby loves bacon, so this is a marriage made in heaven :-). Now that we have our barbecue up and running, I’ll have to give these dogs a try!

  2. Didn’t know til now that CDO’s been around that long. It’s good to know that they’ve been in the industry that long which tells us that CDO is a trusted brand. My brother and I love their ham. Haven’t tried the premium ham franks, but I’d definitely get a pack next time I’m at the supermarket so I can make those yummy chili dogs.

  3. Looks like the company is growing and produces more yum foods. I’ve heard of the brand and my Aunt loves to buy these at the supermarket. Love their ham and of course will give the chili dog a try *winks

  4. Oh those bacon chili dogs look delicious, I need to get some bacon and make these up one weekend when we are grilling. They would be a big hit.

  5. I do not think they sell that brand where I live but they sure look good! When I eat a hot dog always pile stuff on top of it as well–never thought to add some bacon–next time!!

  6. This looks so darn tasty! It has been so long since I had a hot dog, let alone chili dog, but that honey cured bacon sounds heavenly!

  7. I totally hear you on the having quick items on hand part. These sound like perfect staple items if you ask me! Me and hubby love bacon!

  8. Yummm! I love chili dogs and bacon just makes it better. I tend to get lazy when I grill and just have the dog itself though.

  9. 40 years?! Wow! I honestly couldn’t believe. I thought they just started a few years back because it was only recently that I began to notice the brand. Anyway, I have been buying honeycured bacon from a competitors brand and I guess it’s about time to try theirs out. I’m sure it would be more affordable as I know most CDO products are affordable and reasonably priced. 🙂

  10. We really love bacon, this time your delicious recipe is unique. I’m gonna try this at home.

  11. Oh yum, wait until I tell my husband about these, and they look sooooooooo good! Ham, bacon and onions and everything oh my gosh he’s going to think he died and went to heaven. hahahaha Thanks so much for sharing. Looks really good!

  12. O M G!!!! Now that is what I call a hot dog!!! Looks beyond delicious. So wish I had one right about now!

  13. I’ve never wanted a chili dog this much in my life. Haha. Wow I have never even heard of CDO products, but if you can create something this delicious with them then I’d definitely give them a try. Their recipe contest looks pretty cool too.

  14. Hotdog, Chili dog and bacon, those are 3 ingredients I would love on my bun combined or even separately. These just looks like a dream combination for me.

  15. Too bad hotdogs are not good for me. Tend to raise the level of my uric acid. It looks so yummy though.

  16. wow, chilli bacon dog…that mouth watering…but I would love it more if the bacon was wrapped around the hot dog for easy eating.Lol

  17. These CDO Bacon Chili Dogs sound totally amazing indeed. I have never heard of this brand before but I know I will be making these this week for sure. We love anything bacon. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Nakakagutom naman to. I will ask my mom to buy this CDO ham franks too. Those strips of bacon make it look more appetizing.

  19. Oh CDO! Our family has been buying this brand ever since. They are more affordable aside from being delicious. I personally love their ulam burger and bacon. I would love to try this bacon chili dog when I get home next year.

  20. Oh wow this looks soooo good! It’s made me really hungry though ha. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Jen x

  21. Thanks for recommending those variants of hotdog we can try someday. We have not really tried much of this brand before.

  22. The anniversary promo is a good move. I’m sure that it will be a huge success. CDO has been part of a lot of Filipino homes and I bet they’d continue to be for the next 40 years. Happy Anniversary, CDO! Cheers to 40 years of good breakfast and school baon food and to the next 40 years to come.

  23. Wow i’m not a fan of this kind of thing myself usually but it looks tasty. My boyfriend and dad however would LOVE these making up.

  24. Oh I would gladly take that chilli dog for baon. Looks soooo yummy! I hate saying “I wish I was good in the kitchen” because I know I can take action about that but right now I really want to say “I wish someone would make me baon like that” hahaha 🙂

  25. OMG! This looks super great!!! Thanks for sharing. I gotta try this myself. But, I don’t think my place have CDO chili dog… hmmmm

  26. Photos looks so tempting though i am not a big fan of hot dogs but my kids loved it.

  27. My kids love hotdogs and this will really be a nice addition to my hotdog recipes. thanks

  28. Every time that I read your post it always makes me hungry 🙂 and itching to learn how to cook and touch the kitchen konting basa pa he hehe . CDO bacon is one of the best bacon here in the Philippines mas malasa siya

  29. Ang sarap!!! I remember eating chili dogs when I was young at 19th tee camp john hay when it was still occupied by the americans. I dont even know where 19th tee is in the new camp john hay hehe

  30. Wow..Mommy peach sa isang piraso palang nyan siguradong busog na ang tummy ko sa dami ng ingredients..cant wait to try this

  31. Sarap sarap naman nito mommy. Magugustuhan ito ng buong pamilya. Napakahealthy pa. Pwedeng pang breakfast, meryenda or pang midnight snack.

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