Twinkle’s 3rd Month Minnie Mouse Party

Twinkle's 3rd Month Minnie Mouse Party

To celebrate Twinkle’s 3rd month, we had a Minnie Mouse Party theme. At three months, Twinkle is now looking more and more like mommy and less boyish… Yaaaaayyy!

Twinkle's 3rd Month Minnie Mouse Party

Look at her rocking her Minnie Mouse OOTD!

Twinkle's 3rd Month Minnie Mouse Party

At last, the family is complete and present in all the photos! We even dug into our closets and looked for red tops to match the theme. It’s a bit hard to set aside a budget for a monthly themed party but we really wanted to keep up with this.


Twinkle’s Cake this time are Chocolate Cupcakes with Minnie Mouse toppers.

I made Spaghetti with Meatballs but burned the sauce the first time so I had to throw it away. I cooked another batch of sauce but since I’m out of ground beef, I had to put lots of spam and hotdog to make it more tasty.

Our drink was Watermelon Lime Cooler. It was soooo good!

I ordered Pork Barbecue from Amber’s which turned out to be a disappointment. The meat was tough and for ₱22 per stick, the serving was quite small.

Other food we had were: Minnie Mouse candies, cookies, chicken nuggets, and pb&j sandwiches!

Paper plates and paper cups to match our Minnie Mouse Party theme.

There were minnie mouse jell-o’s to top our Red Velvet Otap Ice Cream.

Happy 3rd Month Periwinkle Moone!

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34 Responses

  1. How cute are the kids? What an awesome theme for a little one’s birthday party! Loved all the pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a darling family you have. Abby wants a Minnie Mouse party and thanks to your ideas, I might be able to pull one off for her that would satisfy her.

  3. Wow, you really went all out for this party. I love the Minnie theme and how you incorporated it into everything from the decorations to the food. Adorable and fun.

  4. I didn’t even know that people celebrated 3 month parties. If you go all out for 3, I can’t wait to see what 12 would be like. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves though.

  5. So many fun treats! This is definitely awesome. I love the theme that you chose, it’s really adorable. That watermelon lime cooler is so perfect for the summer.

  6. Happy 3 month Twinkle. She looks adorable in her Minnie Mouse outfit. Seems like you guys had a great Minnie Mouse themed celebration.

  7. Happy three months to her! She looks so adorable in that outfit. I think Minnie Mouse is a great theme for a party. I’ve done Mickey Mouse with my girls before and I’ve done a Disney theme of everything Disney.

  8. Wow, you are celebrating each month? She is really adorable, worth to celebrate every month!

  9. We also celebrate our son’s first 12 months but not this kind, just a fancy celebration.

  10. I like your concept, I love the watermelon juice. I think I will make one for our weekend party.

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