Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection

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When it comes to ice cream, Magnolia has been a household name for as long as I can remember. My day won’t be complete without buying Magnolia Ice Cream Twin Popsies and Pinipig Crunch from the ice cream man that would pass by our house ringing his bell. As for those in the tub, my favorites were Strawberry and Coffee and Mangosteen. I would be giddy with joy as I dig into my favorite flavors and finish off a whole glass of them.

When I first found out about Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection, I got really proud. Magnolia released a collection of ice cream flavors that showcases the popular flavors inherent from the country’s different provinces. I found it patriotic and what made it special is that they created combinations of flavors — they combined two flavors from two provinces.

Some of the earlier flavors that was released were Durian Pastillas, Ube Keso, Pinipig Pandan, Caramel Cashew Fudge, Macapuno Banana, and Macapuno Lanka. Among these flavors, I fell in love with Durian Pastillas and Ube Keso.

Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection

IF you think it’s going to stop there, you’re mistaken. The 5th wave of new flavors of MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection has been released. Each flavor contains a combination of two regional delicacies that highlights and uniquely capture the goodness of these provinces.


This flavor features the provinces of Bicol & Batangas.

Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection

It’s a dark chocolate ice cream base made delicious with tablea bits swirled by chili fudge. Upon opening the tub, you’ll be able to see the reddish chili ripple ribbons swirled in the ice cream. I tried tasting it and man, oh, man, it is spicy! But combining it with the thick dark chocolate ice cream base makes it perfect. It becomes that zing amidst the sweetness and the bittersweet flavor of the tablea.

Ykaie was actually hesitant to try it at first when she saw that it has Sili but gave in because of the chocolate. She gives this flavor her two thumbs up. This is actually one of my favorite flavors from the 5th wave release.

Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection


This flavor features flavors from the provinces of Palawan & Dumaguete.

You’ll find this irresistible specially if you’re a Sans Rival fan. This ice cream flavor has a butter-vanilla ice cream base that’s filled with Sans Rival bits and rippled with cashew fudge!

This is Ykaie’s favorite flavor from the bunch — all because of that rich, buttery ice cream base.

Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection


This flavor features flavors from the provinces of Benguet & Cebu.

It’s rich strawberry ice cream base made creamier with sweet and tart strawberry bits and filled with toasted otap bits from Cebu. It’s so good, you’d want a second helping.

I know I did. I love strawberry!


This flavor features flavors from the provinces of Guimaras & Davao.

Magnolia Ice Cream BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection

It has a luscious mango ice cream base with mango bits then swirled with mangosteen fudge. This flavor is actually like a combination of me and my peanutbutterβ™₯. That’s because peanutbutterβ™₯‘s favorite fruit is mango and my favorite fruit is mangosteen! I could eat a kilo in one sitting… That’s why this is my second favorite flavor among the 5th wave release.

What I love about this flavor is that it’s refreshingly fruity and it would forever remind me of summer.

There you go. Those are the 5th wave of new flavors of MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM BEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Collection.

These are truly one of a kind flavors. Goodness na pinag-isa.Β  PINAS-saya, PINAS-special.

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99 Responses

  1. I’m not very fond with local flavors when it comes to ice cream except for chocolate and mango. I remember watching local amazing race and spicy ice cream was one of the challenges when they were in Bicol (I think). I’m interested to try that. The ube keso is good too. That one I tasted.

  2. Sa sobrang init ng panahon, walang dahilan para tanggihan ko ang libreng ice cream ng Magnolia.
    He he ma try nga ang mga bagong flavors. πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t tasted any of these new flavors yet. Will look for them on our next grocery trip! I’m looking forward to the Sansrival. πŸ™‚

  4. We eat ice cream every single day in our house. We love it! That strawberry red velvet sounds amazing.

  5. I love this Filipino flavored ice cream. I want to taste cashew sans rival and mango/mangsoteen! I hope they sell it here in the US so I can taste it. Thanks for sharing since I do not know that they do this now.

  6. To be honest, we’re not familiar with the Magnolia ice cream flavors. My mom was about to buy the chocolate one when I noticed it had the words sili con. She thought it was just the regular chocolate. So we bought the mango & mangosteen instead. We’re not really adventurous when it comes to ice cream flavors but it’s nice to know how Magnolia was able to mix different flavors from different provinces. πŸ™‚

  7. I want them all! I love all the new flavors and I would especially like to try the chocolate with chile. I would love a little spice with my chocolate. They all look amazing.

  8. These are all such interesting varieties of ice cream! I’m not sure which one I would like to try…maybe all of them!

  9. Oh my goodness! Chocolate ice cream with hot chilies? Wow! I might just have to try to come up with a recipe of my own to make at home since I can’t get the Magnolia brand here.

  10. Wow not those are something different! I bet my husband would try the one that has chiles in it. He is always the one trying strange things.

  11. This Magnolia ice cream sounds so delicious with all of these flavors. I would love to try the cashew one which would most likely be my favorite. The chocolate with the chili peppers would also be one I would love to try too. I think it would be interesting for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  12. All the flavors sound delicious. I have tried a hot chocolate drink with cayenne pepper and it was fantastic. I bet the chocolate ice cream with red pepper is yummy, too.

  13. I’ve never had Magnolia ice cream in more than four years. Imagine that! I don’t know where I can find one here in the U.S. Wish the oriental store would sell it.

  14. I need to to try all of these flavors ASAP! I love the Sweet Corn flavor ice cream. I can’t remember who makes it but I think it’s this brand! I found it in my nearest Hmart story.

  15. I love the mango and mangosteen flavor , i like the twist it taste like a pure mango and mangosteen , so very natural

  16. Strawberry velvet sounds so refreshing. I would love to try this for a dessert one day!

  17. I’m usually stuck in a rut with my ice cream flavor, which is crazy because I almost always like new flavor that I try. I mean, it’s ice cream, how can you go wrong?

  18. we’ve already tried the mango and strawberry and boy! walang binatbat yung ibang brand πŸ˜€ what i love about Magnolia is the fact that even some people with diabetes can eat it (in moderation din) without worrying too much about their sugar. next time i’ll try the choco-sili combination πŸ˜€

  19. Magnolia has always been my childhood fave ice cream! Pero I don’t think I can handle the chocolate with chili. haha! πŸ™‚ You have nice photos too! πŸ™‚

  20. Interesting varieties of ice cream but the tsili con chocolate taste intrigues me more! Maanghang talaga siya as in?

  21. Big fan of your pictures! You make simple ice cream look really appetizing. Thanks for this, I want to try the SILI CON TSOKOLATE EH! πŸ™‚

  22. OMG! I’d like to try the sili chocolate flavor. I’m not a fan of spicy food but this is just different. Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cream treat, right?

  23. I love Magnolia’s Best of the Philippines flavors! I particularly like eating the Keso Puti and Butterscotch flavors. I do hope I can make better flavors at home now that I’m experimenting with Ice cream.

  24. Chili on an ice cream? Andβ€”ooh, chocolate! Sounds interesting combo though! I’d better take this one soon!

    Say, in all fairness, Magnolia has been on a roll by producing locally-made variants. This may sound different compared to the other brands and their flavors, but I think it’s about time Filipinos should dig Magnolia Ice Cream once again (I’m not saying this because the brand’s already an epic throwback thing in foods), but as one of their tagline goes, “wag maging dayuhan sa sariling ice cream!”

  25. I find the flavors odd and intriguing but will try one πŸ™‚
    Kudos to Magnolia for proudly making new flavors out of local ingredients. Galing!

  26. Good morning. May I ask to whom I can address and send a sponsorship letter? Thank you.

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