10 Things I Love About Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

10 Things I Love About Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

Let me put down my foodie hat for a moment and wear my mommy hat for today. Let’s talk washing machines. I know we both have mountains of laundry at home.

You know, when it comes to household appliances, we’ve always trusted Electrolux. From our blender to our oven toaster to our microwave oven — each small Electrolux appliance we own has helped us in making our lives a bit easier and more enjoyable. They are my kitchen helpers!

A couple of weeks ago, we welcomed the latest addition to our household: the Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine! I was really thankful because up until last week, we’ve been using a semi-automatic washing machine. I know you’ve used one at least once in your life (I’ve been using one all of my life!). As you all know, semi-automatic washing machines require manual intervention for rinsing and shifting the laundry for drying. It means your laundry needs your full attention when rinsing and shifting your laundry to the spin dryer. Because of that reason, I’m not able to maximize my multi-tasking skills and I easily get tired .

Guess what? My life changed literally with the new Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine. I would have bought one sooner had I known it would give me the uttermost convenience when it comes to doing the laundry. Let me share with you the 10 wonderful things I love about our new washing machine…

10 Things I Love About Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

1. Easy to Use

This washing machine is so easy to use! All you have to do is look at the control panel and you’ll know how to use it. It has is user-friendly and has hassle-free, intuitive panel and programs

2. #DoMoreWithLess

Since Electrolux is a fully automatic washing machine, I am able to maximize my multitasking skills and do more with less time. All I have to do is load my laundry in the Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine and do household chores and mommy duities. I get to blog, wash the dishes, give Twinkle a bath, make some snacks, cook lunch — all while doing the laundry.

3. I Don’t Get Tired Easily

Like what I told you, it’s a fully automatic washing machine. No more wringing of clothes, bedsheets, and denim pants, at last! I dread wringing those pieces of laundry because those are the heaviest and most difficult to twist. No more shifting of clothes to the spin dryer too. Minus two major things I do with semi-automatic washing machine, I don’t feel tired at all even after I do our weekly mountain of laundry.

10 Things I Love About Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

4. Handwash and Delicates Setting

Hurray for the Handwash and Delicates settings! Now there’s no more need to handwash delicate pieces of clothing. All I have to do is turn the knob to either handwash or delicates setting and my washing machine will take care of the rest. Thanks to the T-Drive Agitator technology, a paddle feature that simulates hand washing and lessens the wear and tear of delicate pieces.

5. No More Detergent Residue on Clothes

We all hate that white powder residue specially on our dark clothes because — well, because — it doesn’t look good. No need to worry about that now because, again, thanks to the T-Drive’s Anti-Residue system. It prevents unsightly detergent residue on dried clothes.

6. No More Tangled Clothes

Don’t we all hate it when clothes get tangled inside our washing machines and we need to untangle them one by one to be able to wring them? Well, with the Electrolux Powerboost Washing Machine, you can leave the hassle of untangling clothes because the T-Drive technology’s Anti-Tangle ability prevents the clothes of tangling and separates them automatically. What a genius machine!

10 Things I Love About Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

7. It Prevents Clothes from Stretching Too Much

It has a Lily designed drum which prevents clothes from stretching too much. It means your clothes don’t get aggravated and won’t loosen up as easily.  

8. Soft Closing Lid

This is one of Electrolux Powerboost Washing Machine’s Safety features. It keeps your hands safe from accidents such as the sudden closure of the washing machine lid.

9. Saves Water

This is one of the things that I love most about this washing machine because not only does it help Mother Earth, it also helps us save money. With it’s Eco-Rinse program, it cuts water usage of up to 50%! Nice no?

10. Easy Clean Up

Cleaning up this washing machine is very easy. All you have to do is turn it on in the Tub Cleaning Program once a month and that’s it. Tub’s clean and ready to tackle another mountainful of laundry in the upcoming month.

I can actually come up with 10 more things to love about the new Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine but I already know you’d want to switch washing machines.

With Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine, there is no doubt that I’ve already saved a lot of time and money (and I will continue to save more). Our clothes have come out cleaner with less effort, the delicates are taken cared of, and I’m able to maximize multitasking at home.

I’m a happy mommy at the end of each day.

To know more about about Electrolux Washing Machines and their other appliances, you can visit http://www.electrolux.com.ph. Follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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7 Responses

  1. How does anti tangle works??
    I am still Doubtful about this feature!!!
    Could you please explain???
    I am using Electrolux old washing machine which leaves lot of wrinkles and tangle of clothes..

  2. Had my t drive electrolux for 16 ms and was very disappointed it already stopped working. They said it depends on the usage of the unit. Hello! Couple was only using the unit. Pcb was recommended for replacement worth 9k. #neveragain

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