Four Ideas for a New Attic Space

Do you have an attic that is full of boxes and old furniture? Well, you can definitely make better use of that space. Remodeling your attic can give you a new area for the whole family to enjoy. Consider four remodeling ideas that can transform your attic into one of the most popular rooms in your home.

A Playroom for the Kids

With some quality remodeling work an old attic can become an appealing playroom for kids. You can have attractive wood flooring installed or perhaps put in a layer of soft carpet. A skylight would allow plenty of natural light into this inviting space. Just add in a few cozy chairs, book shelves, a table, some toys and you have a playroom that your kids will love!

A Home Office

If you want to claim the attic for yourself, you may want to turn it into a unique home office. Your remodeling ideas may include a floor of light-colored wood to reflect the sunlight pouring in through your new windows. Also, think about having some cabinets put in so you have a place to store all of your documents and other materials for your business. Your transformed attic would be a quiet place for creativity and productivity throughout the day.

A Guest Room

Why not remodel your attic and make it into a guest room? The new insulation you have installed would make it a comfortable room any time of the year. You may consider installing carpet in a color that flows with the rest of your décor. Putting in a guest bathroom at one end of the attic would be the final touch that makes it an inviting place to stay.

A Man Cave

An attic is a great place to create a man cave. You can enjoy all of your favorite activities without having to leave the house. An attic turned man cave would need a new bathroom, dark wood flooring and maybe even a bar at one side of the room. Who says a man cave can’t be located at the very top of a home?!

A remodeled attic adds to the comfortable atmosphere of any home. If you’re interested in looking at remodeling your attic you can get a free quote here to learn more about the details of the project.

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