Advantages Of Having A Deck Oven

If you are in the baking industry, you will attest that one of the most significant investments for successful baking is a great oven. In any case, most people consider baking as the ultimate testament to their art. A bakery should be reliable and consistent in terms of quality output and this depends entirely on the oven that you have in your bakery. You need to consider diverse factors to help you buy the right oven. Your choice of which oven to choose will depend on your budget, available space, production volume, and the products you will be baking.


This article provides a brief overview of some of the significant advantages of the deck ovens over other types of ovens.

  • Efficient use of energy

Nobody wishes to have a high energy consumption oven as this will eat into their profit margins. An energy-efficient oven can help you save greatly as far as fuel is concerned. Deck ovens can save up to 75% of fuel consumption in comparison with other commercial ovens. Such energy- efficiency is attributed to the encasement of Vapor tube heat that allows maximum distribution of heat within the oven.

  • Excellent design

The design of the deck ovens features less moving parts and no has no rotating trays. The deck ovens also have one less motor, which implies that there is less focus on the amount of power used. In addition, the ovens come with 3-phase electric functionality giving them the option of using exhaust systems that are highly efficient in comparison to other ovens that are single phase.

  • High steam retention rate

Deck ovens are highly efficient in terms of water consumption. The self-contained steam system available in deck ovens makes it possible to retain most of the steam as compared to other types of ovens that are based on the remote boiler system. Unlike the ovens operated by the remote systems, the deck ovens do not experience a case of purged condensed steam, which can lead to high consumption of fuel and water.

  • Vapor tube technology

The vapor tube technology is a great feature in the deck ovens. It is used in the conversion of water to steam using sealed vapor tubes. Such technology allows effective and even radiation of heat to the baking areas without the use of any moving parts of fans. Such features ensure consistency and quality from all sides –deck-to-deck, side-to-side, and front to back.

  • Are sustainable

While the buying price can be high, deck ovens are durable. Hence, they will give you value for your money. The great features installed on the deck ovens make such ovens quite sustainable since they ensure a high level of efficiency in fuel and water consumption.

Evidently, deck ovens have significant advantages. The high level of efficiency brought about by these types of ovens makes it a key point to profitability. Additionally, the fact that the ovens do not have many moving parts is a great factor in that they require little maintenance.

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