Types of Cookware You Should Know Before Buying

In every home, one of the busiest areas is the kitchen. It is a place where lovely dishes are made for the family and occasional guests. Every cook, regardless the gender and age, knows how important it is to use the best cookware. Even fried dishes should be done in the proper cookware. Not all people who are cooking knows which one is the most suitable for their needs. Most cooking moms are using the same cookware that their parents used way back time. Without further understanding about cookware materials, unaware, they settle for less. In this article, cookware materials will be discussed to see which is the best among them.


5 Types of Cookware Materials


When it comes to weight, aluminum cookware is very light and thin. It is also a great conductor of heat, but if there is too much heat, most likely one will end up with a burnt dish. It is an good cookware for boiling water and making a non-thick soup. Aluminum cookware can easily wear out its original color; sometimes, it becomes yellowish or brownish. It can also cause some foods discolored and make the taste a little bit bitter. The price of aluminum cookware is very affordable, and the material is durable.

Cast Iron

If aluminum is lightweight, cast iron is heavy, but it is very durable. The price of cast iron cookware is high, perhaps due to its features. The temperature is maintained, and it is also a good conductor of heat. The downside of this cookware is its maintenance and the need to season it, otherwise cast iron cookware will lose its non-stick ability and be susceptible to rust.

Stainless Steel

Unlike aluminum, stainless steel cookware will not discolor foods and retain its original taste. It is not a good conductor of heat due to its construction. However, this feature is excellent in adequately distributing the heat while cooking and it is durable while its price is mid-range. The best stainless steel cookware is easily found like these, and the chef knows how stainless steel cookware is beneficial to their profession.

Cast Aluminum

Cast iron cookware is on the trend, but it is highly expensive, to alternate, many are purchasing cast aluminum. Unlike cast iron, cast aluminum will not rust and do not need seasoning. However, cast aluminum cookware is not suitable for highly acidic foods as it will change the taste. When it comes to durability, it can bend easily.


When it comes to heat conductor, copper is the best. However, it is not durable as it looks appealing to the eyes. Copper cookware can easily have dented, and it is also expensive. Like aluminum cookware, it also reacts with some foods.

When choosing the best cookware, make sure to take notes of the durability, usefulness, price, and of course, if it will affect the property of the dishes. Even non-cooks know how it is important to have the best cookware. Every home should carefully take notes which one will suit their family needs when it comes to kitchen must-have.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try the cast iron but I am not sure I would take care of it properly. Right now we are using stainless steel.

  2. I have quiet few cast irons in my kitchen they are my favorite to use when I have to cook for the family.

  3. Cast Iron is what I’m using they may be pricey but it’s worth it especially if you love cooking for the family. You have a great list here, thanks for sharing.

  4. I have a little bit of all of these! As much as I hate caring for the cast iron they are great!

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