Bloody Fingers Hotdog Sandwiches

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  • chicken hotdogs
  • hotdog buns
  • ketchup (tomato or banana, your call)
  • thinly sliced white onion for fingernails just like inhere (optional)


  1. Make the “Fingers”: In the rounded end of the chicken hotdog make a shallow square-shaped cut to make the fingernails. Then carefully slice the tiny piece off the top.
  2. To make the knuckles, make two small cuts after the finger nail, three small cuts in the middle, and two near the end.
  3. Boil the hot dogs for 2-3 minutes in water or until cooked.
  4. Then place each “finger” into a hot dog bun and smear with lots of ketchup for a gory look.
  5. If you want, you can add a thinly sliced square piece of white onion for the “nail.”
  6. To make the “nail”: Cut your white onions into small square pieces to resemble finger nails.
  7. Microwave this for about 30 seconds in a shallow plate with a bit of water to cook it.
  8. Squeeze a small dollop of ketchup to make bloody nails and attach the cooked white onion pieces to make it look like bloody finger nails.