Passing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Exams: Top Resources, Websites & Practice Tests Unlocked

Without any doubts, Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the IT field. In addition to a large number of technical products, the company also offers a few different IT certifications. If you want to get certified, you can always find a credential related to a particular Microsoft product. Be aware of all the certifications offered by Microsoft and its certifications paths to choose the one that suits your career goals.

To earn Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification, you will need to pass MB2-715: Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment and MB2-716: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration. The purpose of MB2-715: Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification exam is to expand your knowledge level, teach you how the new features actually function, and give you the certificate to authenticate your skills. However, passing the test is not the major goal; it is more about learning and acquiring valuable knowledge, so that you can perform well in real-life scenarios.

MB2-716 exam is designed for developers, system administrators, technical support specialists. Their purpose is to meet customers needs in business in order to customize and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365.

When you have the Microsoft Dynamics 365 credential, your employers and colleagues expect so much from you, and if you can’t meet their expectations, you might end up losing your position. So, why not take your time to study and understand the certification exam topics before you attempt siting for the test?

Prerequisites for taking the MB2-715 exam

It is important to understand the areas that will be tested during the exam, as well as the main criteria for writing it. There are basically four major areas included in this certification test, and they are listed below along with their respective percentages:

  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics Using Other Applications: 20-25%
  • Creation of Customer Organization Structure: 25-30%
  • Administration of Dynamics 365 Environment: 25-30%
  • Management of Microsoft Outlook & Mobile Environment: 25-30%

It is important to examine these areas in detail, so that you can define the specific topics that need more of your attention through practice tests. Go through the resource materials that have been recommended by the certificate provider to get more insight into the exam topics.

Target audience for the MB2-715 test

The MB2-715 certification exam is designed for those professionals who deploy, implement, use, support, or maintain Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their organizations. The job positions that may benefit from this credential include the following: network managers, functional consultants, network administrators, solution architects, and project managers. The credential can be also useful for the sales staff with background knowledge of business software solutions. However, such candidates should be ready to demonstrate fundamental understanding of the Dynamics 365 application.

Before writing this certification exam, it is recommended that the candidates have a clear understanding of the features and basic components of Microsoft Online Business Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition to this, they should also be proficient in network administration and device management for clients.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

Understanding the whole process of getting the certification will make your preparation a lot easier and faster. You can follow the steps highlighted below to prepare for your exam and pass it with ease.

  1. Understand the exam content

This is the first step for you to take in order to get certified. If you don’t have any idea about the real exam content, there is no way you will know what to study. MB2-715 test content can be found on the official certification page of Microsoft. Go through this content and check the exam objectives to know what topics you will be tested on.

  1. Find appropriate study materials

Developing a study plan is a great idea because it will help you have a systematic study. With a proper study plan, you are able to monitor your progress and quicken up the pace if you discover that you are lagging behind. While preparing for the exam, you have to look for the resources that can make your study as effective as possible. You might opt for a self-preparation method, or you can choose to take an official training course. The second option is usually recommended as it allows you to learn from the experts in the field, and you also get an opportunity to ask them additional questions regarding the most difficult topics. One of the recommended learning resources available online is a self-paced exam preparation course called Deployment for Customer Engagement in Microsoft Dynamics 365. But before you take any training course, it is essential that you learn the important topics of the exam, so that you can make a weighted decision regarding which one to choose. So, let’s take a closer look at them below.

Instance management:

  • Usage of Office 365 administration center to handle Microsoft Dynamics 356 online subscription
  • Management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Sandbox instances
  • Management of Dynamics 365 Online updates
  • Multiple online tenants or instances
  • Management of storage
  • Plans and pricing


  • Dynamics 365 for Outlook offline work, Outlook configuration wizards, and Outlook advanced deployments
  • Field synchronization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook
  • Microsoft Dynamics for different Outlook requirements
  • Offline synchronization entity

Product integration:

  • Dynamics and SharePoint integration
  • Business applications
  • Yammer integration
  • Social engagement

There are numerous resource materials that you can use to study all these topics. Check the official certification page to see the recommended training courses and resource books. You can also visit the site of Microsoft Virtual Academy to explore the different materials available on that platform. Ensure that you cover all the topics and take enough practice tests. There are many websites where you can access practice questions to evaluate your knowledge about the certification course.

Visit: to Download Practice tests

  1. Register for the exam

When you feel that you are prepared for the exam, the next step is to finally register for it. You can schedule your test through the Microsoft platform where you can check whether the proctored version of the exam is available in your country. After scheduling your test, try to make another last-minute revision of what you have studied. However, try not to be anxious about the upcoming challenge. If you cover all the topics in an adequate manner, then you can be sure that you will get your certificate.


The MB2-715 certification exam is ideal for the professionals working with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Many organizations use Microsoft products, so with this credential you can boost your career potentials and become a real professional in the information technology field. Remember that getting the certificate without the necessary skills will not give you any advantages. Therefore, try not to rely much on online braindumps but choose an official training course instead.

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