Top 3 Benefits of Cooking with Filtered Water

Have you ever wondered why your food tastes a bit different compared to eating at your friends’ houses? Even though you’re not quite sure why, you feel that your cooking tastes a little ‘off’. Well, before you start blaming your culinary skills, the solution may be simpler than you think. While the water you get out of your tap might be perfectly adequate drinking water, it almost certainly has chemicals that can affect your cooking. For example, chlorine is added to drinking water because it kills the nasty bugs that could cause you harm, but it also negatively impacts the look and taste of your food. That’s why you can find plenty establishments with drinking water filter system for restaurants.

Top 3 Benefits of Cooking with Filtered Water

Harmful Contaminants

Before we start on the benefits of cooking with filtered water, I’d like to spend a minute or two talking about what’s in unfiltered water. Your cooking is going to suffer to some degree because of the chemicals, metals, and salts that are in the water itself. Let’s see what some of these contaminants are.Unfiltered water may contain many of the following:

  •         Chlorine
  •         Sediments
  •         Fluorine
  •         Calcium
  •         Magnesium
  •         Sodium
  •         Potassium
  •         Phosphorus
  •         Iron
  •         Selenium
  •         Chromium
  •         Zinc
  •         Copper
  •         Lead
  •         Arsenic

Now, I’m not suggesting that your tap water contains all of the above. The problem is that if it did, they could be doing you harm. And I’m not only talking about the cooking, but more of that later. Let’s have a look at how filtered water can make your cooking so much better.

  1. Better Flavors 

Like I said, chlorine is used to purify water in many countries around the world and can greatly affect the taste of your food. And remember, there are all the other contaminants that may be found in water, such as sediments, iron, and sodium. As you can imagine, these may also affect the taste of dishes that do not have much taste themselves. Two that come to mind are noodles and pasta. They don’t have a great deal of taste to begin with. Because of this, if your water tastes unpleasant, your noodles and pasta will probably taste the same.

  1. Vibrant Colors

If you remember your chemistry, you’ll know that chlorine is used as a bleaching agent. Not surprisingly, this means that anything you wash or boil in chlorinated water will be affected. So, not only may your vegetables taste funny, but their color will also be less vibrant. The same goes for red beans and brown rice. Chlorine will bleach them too, even if only partially.

  1. Better Baking

If you haven’t had any success with your baking, your water is almost certainly to blame. Hard water is full of minerals that affect the proteins that are necessary for the baking process. Additionally, if you’re into baking bread, you’ll know that you need the dough to rise. Hard water affects how yeast works which in turn will affect the results of your baking.

Healthy Lifestyle

Having a water filter is not just the right choice when you’re cooking, it’s a good choice in general. From a purely physical point of view, you will no longer be taking in the chemicals etc. present in your unfiltered water. In addition to that, you could also be avoiding one or more of the water-borne diseases that crop up every now and then:

  •         Salmonella
  •         Hepatitis A
  •         Cryptosporidium


A water filter means that you don’t always have to be worried about what’s in your water, which means you feel better about your water mentally as well as physically. So, if you want to have better-tasting food, a much healthier lifestyle, and stop worrying constantly, you should check out what Gene from BOS says about some of the best reverse osmosis water filtration systems on the market. From what I’ve learned, reverse osmosis water filtration is about as effective as water filtration can get. It easily eliminates chlorine and iron and bacteria and viruses and all that.

Bring on the Cooking Revolution

The whole point of cooking is ending up with food that looks and tastes how you want it to. However, it’s also a pretty good feeling waking up each morning knowing that you can turn on the tap and drink a glass of water without concerning yourself about whether it’s safe or not. The best way to achieve this is by using a reverse osmosis water filter. They are simple to install and not nearly as expensive as you may think.

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