The New #BestEverJoy for the #BestEverLife Salu-Salo

The New #BestEverJoy for the #BestEverLife Salu-Salo

As a busy mom of two kids and keeper of the Adarne household (LOL), I sometimes get tired of the humdrums of everyday life. So it was really exciting when I got invited to The New #BestEverJoy for the #BestEverLife Salu-Salo which was held at Plaza Ibarra last Monday. What’s more exciting is that it was a fiesta-themed event! Yon pa naman ang bet ko, yung mga parties and event na may theme.

The New #BestEverJoy for the #BestEverLife Salu-Salo

I was greeted by the dancing Pintados upon entrance to the venue and right then and there the mood for a lively and exciting event was set. Lalo tuloy akong na-excite to know the new features of the new #BestEverJoy.

The New #BestEverJoy for the #BestEverLife Salu-Salo

The event was hosted by Ms. Jolina Magdanga-Escueta and is actually a continuation of the celebration that started the day before, June 23, 2019, in Tacloban City. She was later joined by celebrity mom and Vlogger Rufa mae Quinto and fellow Mommy Blogger Momi Berlin. They shared their stories on how the new best ever Joy has helped them lead the #BestEverLife for their families.

We were able to watch the videos from the previous day where in Joy recreated it’s record-breaking feat from 20 years ago by mounting another plate washing event at the San Juanico Bridge.

With the launch of it’s new and best ever formulation, Joy, the leading dishwashing liquid in the Philippines doubled its famous old record of number of plates washed in a single bottle. There was a total number of 17,500 plates cleaned using just one single 495ml bottle of the new Best Ever Joy– covering the entire length of San Juanico Bridge and back
History of Joy Dishwashing Liquid

One of the highlights of the event was dancing the Best ever Joy dance!! Joy also extended the celebration beyond the attendees of the event. The salu-salo commemorated SOS Children’s Village Alabang as Joy’s beneficiary in bringing the best ever life to Filipino household by supporting the children’s daily meals.

After the program, Joy treated us to scrumptious Filipino dishes like Pancit Palabok, Okoy, Lechon Paksiw, Lumpiang Shanghai, Litson Manok, Pancit Molo, and Lechon! Desserts were fresh fruits and our traditional sorbetes or dirty ice cream in avocado, cheese, and ube flavors.

May Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, at Sago’t Gulaman din…

What made the event a much happier event for me is because all the #KumareBloggers are there! We are all excited to know about the all the new Joy and we can’t wait to use it in our own households so we can have the best ever life.

#KumareBloggers for #BestEverJoy

I tried the new #BestEverJoy during our Family Weekend Salu-Salo and all I can say is that mas magaan na ang paghuhugas ng kasangkapan during weekends kahit na katakot-katakot pa ito!

It’s really a must-have in the kitchen! Super effective sya magtanggal ng sebo at mantika. At dahil mabilis matanggal ang sebo at mantika, mas mabilis at madali na maghugas ng mga kasangakapan. Cost effective din sya kasi nga, sa konting patak lang ng Joy na inihalo sa tubig, kaya na ang napakaraming hugasin. It’s because Joy is concentrated. Compared to using a cheaper product that’s not concentrated, you’ll end up using more. And of course, you’ll end up buying more, diba?

Tipid na sa oras, tipid sa pagod, at tipid pa sa gastos. Zero Sebo and Zero Worries para sa ating mga mommies, diba? Mas marami pa tayong time and energy to spend with our loved ones.

Try it for yourself ! #BestEverJoy for the #BestEverLife.

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25 Responses

  1. Napakabisa gamitin ng Joy zero worries tanggal ang sebo at oily talaga nmng mapapangiti ka sa Joy napakatipd gamitin at affordable pa,

  2. Magiging #BestEverLife talaga pag #BestEverJoy ang gamit sa mga hugasin.. Super sulit at tipid na, more bonding pa sa pamilya.. Joy talaga ang sagot sa mga mommies na wais sa kusina..

  3. Iba talaga ang joy laking tipid kasi dami niya nahuhugasan at bango dahil ang resulta linis, say no to sebo na sangkatutak.. kaya naman pinipili ng mapiling ina, dahil maasahan tunay pagdating sa hugasin

  4. Noon at ngayon yan pa rin ang gamit! Sarap maghugas ng pinggan lalo kapag mabula at mabango at joy lang ang katapat!!! #1besteverjoy

  5. Proud Joy user taLaga kami momsh ever since Kasi talagang trusted brand sya at Iwas say sebo less worries na pag dating sa kaininan at hugasin dahil andyan Yung kapartner naten sa kusina na best ever joy ..

  6. How fun! I love it when brands are able to get people connecting in a meaningful way over something as simple as a cleaning product… It sounds like it was a really great event!

  7. The best talaga ang joy, basta joy gamit mo makakatipid ka, kasi hindi mo na kailangang ulit ulitin pag hugas ng plato ,lalo na sa masesebong the way mamsh, maganda yan dyan sa sa tacloban may Pintados Festival, dati akong nakaattend dyan ng ganyan, kasi dati akong tumira,sa tacloban..hehehemasaya pag pintados festival..

  8. It must have been a wonderful experience to take part in such an event! I love being among people and share different experiences. Love your photos! 🙂

  9. I’ll be honest, I never realized what a big difference good dish soap makes until my dishwasher broke a few months ago. When I was forced to wash all of my dishes by hand I realized the dish soap I had wasn’t cutting it. I actually bought Joy and really noticed a difference. No time for dirty dishes!!!

  10. Sis, ang lucky mo na-iinvite ka sa mga events! I’d like to join one someday (but I’m kind of new to blogging). It seems like you had a lot of fun! <3

  11. Sounds like a great event to have attended. Nice that you got to meet up with the bloggers too.

  12. Ay!!!pang malakasan talaga tong joy di ko ipagpapalit sa iba mams ??? tanggal sebo!!! ???
    Sulit pa mura pa san kapa? Diba joy na tayong lahat. ???
    Fb: Akio zednanref
    Ig: prettysanya11

  13. Sobrang galing ng new #besteverjoy dahil kahit na ung grease sa kalan namin ang bilis matanggal Basta may joy na half ung ipapanglinis isang pahid Lang tanggal na.and sa Plato walang amoy at lasang sabon !

  14. really must have sa kitchen Momsh! very effective and budget wise pa instead of buying tons of dishwashing liquid and paste, isang patak kaya na ang maraming maduming plates and kitchen utensils na linisan. Ang saya nga tlga ng event at fiesta na fiesta ang ganap . I remember kpag May at esp August town fiesta,ang saya ng kainan at kwentuhan then kami mga bagets toka sa hugasin. Anh bilis lang kasi dati pa Joy na ang nkasanayan at dala ko na now na may family nako ❤️

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