Stocking Up for Savings on Office Supplies

When you’re making purchases to get your most important office supplies, you should always have an eye towards savings. No matter what type of work your office team does, saving money on operational expenses will help improve your bottom line. One of the best ways to generate savings on supplies is to buy a large quantity at once. When you’re purchasing items that you use constantly and you know will certainly be put to use at some point, it makes good sense to stock up for savings whenever possible. You’ll be assured to always have your most important supplies in stock and available for your staff to use. Moreover, you and your staff will ultimately spend less time shopping for supplies when you’re able to get a large volume in one transaction. Savings, preparedness, and efficient time management are the most important benefits of buying in bulk. Here are 3 examples of frequently used office supplies that you should stock up on in volume.


K cups are a staple item in a lot of efficient offices. They prevent wasting coffee and they allow everyone to have a fresh cup when they want one. When you’re shopping for k cups cheap, buy online from a specialty retailer. They’ll be likely to offer competitive pricing in addition to many different varieties. Nobody wants to drink the same coffee every day, so it’s good to have some options available. In addition to coffee pods on sale, you can also pick out some options for the non-coffee drinkers on your team such as tea. Every Keurig machine can make a great cup of tea, and even the traditional coffee lovers on your team will like having the option to switch to tea every now and again. Since k cups are sealed and able to stay fresh for a long time, it makes sense to buy in bulk when you can.


Paper is an essential item in every type of office. If you’re buying only one or two boxes at a time, you may be missing out on significant savings. Typically, the more printer and copy paper that you buy at once, the more you’ll save. It’s best to be able to get a thicker grade paper whenever possible. This will help to prevent printer jams, and it will make a good impression on anyone with whom your office team may need to share materials. Stocking up on paper ensures that you won’t run out and have to make an emergency trip to pick up more or get anxious about how much you use until a delivery arrives.


Help your staff stay organized by always having enough file folders on hand. Sometimes office managers try to cut costs by limiting staff’s access to organizational items such as folders. However, this needless reduction in resources can cause people to consolidate files in ways that make things harder to find. It’s helpful to recycle folders, but if your team is going to be working on anything with someone who isn’t a part of your core team, you want to make sure they have access to new folders that don’t have any type of wear or label tabs that are already written on. Repeatedly recycled folders may create the appearance that your team isn’t managing their supplies well or they’re messy with their work. The best use for recycled folders is for archiving files that only key staff will pull for occasional reference if they’ll be used again at all. Stocking up on file folders eliminates the need for consolidating files or using beat-up folders, and it will deter people from making big stacks of papers that can cause valuable information to get lost or difficult to access.

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