3 New Ways to Enjoy Sweet Potatoes

Many people associate sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving, covered in cinnamon, butter, and marshmallows, but sweet potatoes make a delicious addition to any meal throughout the entire year. Sweet potatoes are not only tasty, but they can also provide plenty of nutrients and even some hormonal health benefits according to the preventative medicine doctor, Dominique Fradin-Read. Learn more about how to prepare sweet potatoes below!

1. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Herbs or Spices

Roasting involves using higher temperatures than baking (typically 400°F or higher), and it can give foods a crisp texture and more complex flavor. One of the best ways to enjoy sweet potatoes is by chopping them up into uniform cubes, tossing them with a high-heat cooking oil (avocado oil, pure olive oil, or canola oil all work well), adding herbs or spices of choice, and roasting them for about 40 minutes, stirring them around halfway through.

Some unique and delicious herbs and spices combinations to put on sweet potatoes include:

  • Cinnamon and chili powder
  • Cumin and garlic powder
  • Fresh thyme and red pepper flakes

Sometimes the most fun part of cooking is creating your own unique flavor combinations, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

2. Baked Sweet Potatoes with Savory Toppings

Similar to white potatoes, tortilla chips, and oats, sweet potatoes can serve as a vehicle for other interesting toppings. Using a sweet potato as a base provides plenty of fiber and vitamin A, and it also adds a bit of a uniquely sweet flavor to dishes that give it a nice twist.

One fun way to use a sweet potato as a base is for taco toppings. The Food Network has a recipe for Turkey Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes that calls for typical taco ingredients, like corn, black beans, and salsa.

Other interesting savory toppings for a sweet potato can include bean chili, BBQ chicken or pork, or roasted red peppers and onions.

3. Sweet Potato and Apple Bake

You can get the taste of Thanksgiving sweet potatoes with sweetness from honey, cinnamon, and apples instead of heaps of brown sugar and marshmallows with this delicious dish.

Chop sweet potatoes and apples into uniform pieces, and toss them with cooking oil and a bit of cinnamon and honey. Spread the mixture onto a baking sheet, and bake at 350°F for about 40 minutes, stirring it halfway through. Once completely cooked through, add chopped walnuts or pecans, and serve warm.

Sweet potatoes are a versatile, nutrient-packed, and cost-effective vegetable, and with the recipes above, you can enjoy them now more than ever!

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