4 Shocking Moments in Stargirl

Stargirl is a show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats in suspense. There are many shocking moments that leave viewers gasping for air as they struggle to process what just happened.

Courtney’s First Encounter With the Cosmic Staff

Viewers of Stargirl, which was created by Geoff Johns, enter into Courtney Whitmore’s shock when she first encounters the Cosmic Staff. Courtney is in the basement of her family’s new home after a stressful day, and she hears a noise behind her. A nearby trunk is glowing with a strange light, and when Courtney opens the trunk, she sees the Cosmic Staff, which lights up at her touch. The Staff then takes Courtney on quite an adventure, much to her surprise and to the surprise of viewers as well.

Stargirl’s Victory Over Brainwave

Courtney assumes the identity of Stargirl and the powers that go with the role, but she is still largely untrained in using the Cosmic Staff when she encounters Brainwave. She is rescued by her stepfather, Pat Dugan, but Brainwave now knows that a new superhero has arisen. He is determined to have a second confrontation soon. He demands that Courtney give him the Staff and threatens to kill her mother. In the fight that follows, Courtney, as Stargirl, uses the Staff and hits Brainwave with a light so intense that it knocks him unconscious and leaves him in a coma. Stargirl is powerful indeed when she wields the Cosmic Staff, more powerful than she or viewers have realized.

Stargirl’s Confrontation with Shiv

Stargirl, however, is not invincible, and she learns this the hard way in her confrontation with Shiv, the alter ego of Cindy Burman. Shiv gets the advantage over Stargirl and is about to deliver a final blow when an unexpected rescuer steps up. It is the school janitor, Justin, armed with a sword. No one would expect that twist! Shiv retreats, and the Cosmic Staff brings Pat to care for Stargirl. Justin stands in the shadows, watching, and he recognizes Pat as Stripesy. Viewers are left to wonder who Justin really is.

Henry Jr.’s Death

One of the show’s most shocking episodes is “Brainwave Jr.” At the end of this show, Brainwave brutally murders his own son. Henry Jr. has decided to join forces with Stargirl and the Justice Society of America against his father. Henry valiantly fights his father, but Brainwave is too strong. With a mere “Goodbye, son,” Brainwave brings the ceiling down on his son, killing him, to the horror of the JSA and viewers alike.

Indeed, Stargirl provides plenty of shock value, surprising viewers at every turn.

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