Chillin’ with this Fabriano Chiller At Home

Woohoo! We have a Fabriano Chiller at home. Chillers are the best when it comes to keeping your favorite beverages at home. It’s not something that I expected I would have two years ago but now that I have it I think it’s a must. To some, it may seem excessive to have both a refrigerator and a chiller in your kitchen but if you have a small refrigerator and you need more chiller than freezer, then this is definitely for you.

What I LOVE About My Fabriano Chiller

Keep Plenty Of Cold Drinks On Hand

I am always assured that I have plenty of cold drinks on hand for my family or whenever we have a visitor. It also keeps me from crowding my refrigerators with drinks. This allows me to balance the vertical amount of space in my ref better when it comes to stacking leftover containers and boxed food products, because I’m not placing things on top of rounded bottles.

It’s Not Only For Drinks

Like what I’ve said earlier, it’s works as a second refrigerator. I can also store vegetables, cakes, ham slices, and other food items that I don’t want to get frozen.

This Fabriano Chiller is also Perfect to Use for Business

Yes, I love it for home use… but I’m thinking this would be good for business too. If you are thinking of putting up a small convenience store or a sari-sari store in your area, this will definitely allow you to sell cold beers, softdrinks, juices, yogurts, chocolate drinks, and milk drinks.

It Has an On/Off Light Switch

Switching the lights on makes it great for display of the drinks. I think this works best when you use this chiller for business , mas magiging pansinin sya. As for me, I just like it because it looks good… heehee.

It Has a Lock and Key

Pag on diet ka, you can lock all the food that you have to avoid eating in there and give your housemates the key… LOL! Just kidding! This feature is also perfect when you use this for business because nobody can just come and get their drinks. You can make sure that they pay first before getting their drinks.

The Wire Shelves are Adjustable

You can customize it according to what you’re going to put on every shelf. Pwedeng mataas for tall bottles or short for soda cans and milk drinks.

What it looks like with the lights on and lights off
I Get a Chance To Win a VESPA!

Participants must buy any Fabriano products through authorized Fabriano dealers. For every Fabriano appliance/s purchased through CYA’s branches and authorized dealer in a single sales invoice or delivery receipt, a customer is given 1 raffle entry. One sales invoice or delivery receipt with one or more Fabriano appliances is entitled to one raffle entry. However, a customer may submit as many valid sales invoices or delivery receipts as she wishes and gain as many raffle entries.
If you’re thinking of buying Fabriano Appliances, you also get a chance!


More Details and Specs

  • 9 Cuft
  • 0-10℃ temperature range
  • Reinforced wire shelf, 4 pcs
  • Stainless K-clips and shelf support 
  • Hinged, self-closing doors
  • Double glazed, external tempered glass door
  • Anti-condensation vents
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Mechanical temp. control
  • R134a refrigerant 
  • Self-evaporation water tray
  • 1 horizontal+ 1 vertical, LED lights
  • 4pcs castors, 2 with stopper
  • Silver gray door frame
  • 2.2 KW.h/24h
  • Size: 525*561*1752 (WxDxH) mm

To know more about Fabriano, check out their website:

or their FB Page: Fabriano Philippines.

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5 Responses

  1. Perfect to lalo na sa nag business ng sari sari store or grocery store. Super quality and reliable nito. 💯🤎

    1. Napaka Ganda talaga Ng fabriano appliances Ang Daming malalagay napakatibay at perfect pang business thank u for sharing momsh

  2. Nice🤩🌿 galing nman po, good choices product appliances! 🤗 thankyou for sharing perfect talaga daming pwedeng ilagay! at high quality especially for bussiness ☺️

  3. Wow Talaga namang ang ganda nitong fabriano chiller Hindi lang sa bahay pwedeng ding mag beverages business 💙💙💙

  4. Sa mga gusto mag invest ng chiller this one is really a good choice, maganda ang specs at detail nya kaya alam mong high quality

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