Signs You Need to Replace your Commercial HVAC System

When you are an owner or manager of a commercial property, you will always want to do your best to keep it in good condition. One part of any commercial property that needs to be maintained and kept working well is the commercial HVAC system, which is needed to keep your property comfortable and safe to be in. While the commercial HVAC system can last for a long time, you will eventually need to replace it entirely. These are some common signs that you are in need of a full commercial HVAC replacement service. 

Age of System

One of the signs that you may need to replace your commercial HVAC system is if the system is old and well past its expected useful life. Generally, a commercial HVAC system is expected to last around 15 to 20 years before it will need to be replaced. While you may be able to extend this for five years or more, if you are well past the expected useful life, you should consider replacing the system entirely as repairs are bound to get more frequent and costly.

Frequency of Repairs

Another sign that you are in need of a commercial HVAC system replacement is if you are having many frequent repairs. While repairs for any commercial HVAC system, or other major appliance, should be expected over the years, frequent repairs can be a sign that the system is breaking down. Further, these repairs are bound to be more frustrating and expensive as time goes on. If this is the experience for your situation, you should consider a full replacement of the commercial HVAC system.

Less Effective Service

When you are an owner or manager of a commercial property, it is very important that you are able to keep it at a safe temperature. While a quality commercial HVAC system can do this easily and efficiently, one that is wearing down will not work as well as the years go by. If you find that your commercial HVAC system is not working well, and it is not as effective when it comes to heating or cooling a property, you likely need to consider a full replacement service.

Higher Energy Bills

No matter what type of commercial HVAC system you have, frequent use of it during the summer and winter is going to drive up energy bills. However, as a system becomes older, it will not be as efficient. When this occurs, it can quickly get more expensive to heat or cool a property. If you notice that your energy usage is increasing when using the commercial HVAC system, you should consider replacing it with a more efficient model. The cost of this replacement could be partially offset by the reduced energy bills.

Poor Air Quality

One of the other challenges that can come with an old and tired commercial HVAC system is that it can produce poor air quality. If the commercial HVAC system is not working well, air will not be filtered properly and it could lead to allergens getting sent through the property. If you begin to notice an odd smell, a buildup of debris near commercial vents, or dust particles, you may need to have your ducts cleaned and completely replace the existing commercial HVAC system.  

Another sign that you may have an issue with your air quality is if it constantly feels too humid or too dry. A commercial HVAC system should be able to control the humidity of the air as well. If it is always too humid or dry, it can be a sign that the humidifier or dehumidifier is not effective. If this cannot be fixed, you may need to think about upgrading the system entirely.

The HVAC system is very important for any commercial property. When you have a commercial HVAC system working well, it can help ensure that your property is able to remain safe and comfortable to work or live in. While these systems can last for a long time, they will eventually need to be replaced. These are some common signs that you are in need of a full replacement of your HVAC system. 

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