Samyup Sa Bahay – Super Sulit Samgyupsal Restaurant

Samyup Sa Bahay

Samyup Sa Bahay is known to be the first and original samgyupsal delivery in the Philippines. Because it was successful and people have grown to love their products and services, they soon put up several branches in the metro and in some provinces.

At dahil nga we love samgyupsal, we finally were able to try it in their Bulacan branch (ang layo ng dinayo namin no?). Unlimited Offers Start at ₱495 Pesos only, pero dahil gusto namin ma-try kung gaano kasulit dito, we got the Unlimited All In for ₱895 which includes unlimited Pork, Chicken, Beef, Side Dishes, Hotpot, Tempura, Seafoods, Maki, Sauces, Drinks.


They have 12 kinds of side dishes which includes japchae, marble potatoes, tteokbokki, coleslaw, corn, fishcake, kimchi, pickled radish, and steamed egg. The photo on the right are the sauces for hotpot.

Samyup Sa Bahay

As for the meat, they have 13 kinds of meat — some seasoned, marinated and spicy. They have pork, chicken, and beef. I didn’t get to try the spicy ones because it triggers my LPR but everything I tried tasted good. Daddydoodledoo and Ykaie said the spicy ones are great too — not too spicy.

Samyup Sa Bahay

They serve five kinds of seafood but we only got these four – scallops, mussels, salmon belly, and shrimp. For the hotpot, they also serve their finest meats plus different kinds of balls and dumplings. They also serve other items such as bokchoy, leeks, mushrooms, corn, vermicelli, and tofu.

Si Ykaie talaga ang in-charge lagi sa grilling ng meats kasi may seremonyas pa to…LELz. Kidding aside, she likes the meat a little charred — at hindi pwedeng baliktarin agad-agad… hihihi

Si Twinkle naman super favorite ang samgyupsal. It’s actually her favorite and choice of restaurant everytime we go out kaya naman she also likes to try grilling.

I love their tempura because it’s served hot and crispy. The Makis are great too. I love love their California Maki – it’s creamy and the mangoes are fresh and sweet.

The soup base for the hotpot is beef but one side is spicy and the other is not.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a super sulit samgyupsal experience, then I recommend you try Samgyup Sa Bahay. You are really getting what you pay for. Whether you love kbbq or hotpot, I’m sure you’ll be able to not only fill your tummies but your hearts too. We went to their Bulacan branch but I’m sure they have a branch near you.

Samyup Sa Bahay is located at The Cabanas Mall, 2nd flr n2 Bldg, Mc Arthur Highway Malolos Bulacan (Beside Vista Mall, Malolos)

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