Mango Tree Bistro

 Lemongrass Iced Tea {P80/$1.80} and Green Mango Shake {P120/$2.70}

We celebrated Ykaie’s 3rd birthday at this new Thai restaurant. Sis hates any Lemongrass drink that I order. I, on the other hand, is thinking that I should be making my own lemongrass tea at home since I always order it whenever I see it on the menu. What I like about Mango Tree’s, though is that they serve the sugar syrup separately so you can adjust your drink’s level of sweetness.

Yum Som O Goong {P320/$7.44}
This salad is one of their best sellers-the Pomelo Salad. It is composed of pomelo, prawns, shredded carrots and a sweet-salty dressing.
Spaghetti Salmon {P280/$6.51}
We are celebrating a birthday, so we had pasta….for long life and more birthdays to come. Spicy spaghetti with salmon and sweet basil.
Beef Satay {P250/$5.80}
My first choice for meet was the grilled pork neck. Sadly, it wasn’t available so I settled for the beef satay. You can never EVER go wrong with satay. The meat was very soft and tender and both the sauce are delicious. I think I’ll eat here again just to try the pork neck..
 Tub Tim Grob {P150/$3.40}
Tapioca coated water chestnuts in shaved ice, coconut milk, and milk topped with a few slices of sweetened jackfruit. I’ll never look at water chestnuts the same way again. I love this dessert!
One more thing I love at The Mango Tree Bistro is the ambience. It had a homey and relaxed atmosphere that afternoon. Violets and oranges are good colors too. Too bad daddy’s not here to celebrate with us. I’m sure he would be complaining about a lot of things but he’ll be secretly happy inside.
More birthday photos here.
Mango Tree Bistro
3rd Level TriNoma Mall (beside Power Books)
EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City

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