An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix Trinoma

An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix Trinoma

I am a sucker for eat-all-you-cans.

Yes, I can eat a lot of food in one sitting but that’s not really the primary reason why I love it.An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix TrinomaI love it because I can eat many variety of food and control the portion for a fixed rate. Say, I can get a lot of a particular dish if I really like it and get less of a dish that I just want a taste of. I have been to countless restaurant that caters to this style of serving and I enjoyed every single one of ’em.

And this is one of the reasons why my pants hate me. Another excuse to take advantage of a clothing sale at the mall and online..LOL!

The White Company  has one of the best clothing  and bedding sales this time of the year.

An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix Trinoma

Anyway, to seal off the last day of November, my  good friends Rizza, DJ and I had our “annual” lunch get-together at Yakimix Trinoma. We figured it would be a nice experience to try  a Japanese-Korean-Cantonese eat-all-you-can restaurant once in a while.

Yakimix eat-all-you-can buffet costs P599 on weekdays and P749 on weekends and holidays.

An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix TrinomaNot a lot  on my first plate,right? This is how I try all the food on the table. I get a little of each and then go back and just get the dishes that I like.

It’s hard to remember each dish, though, so bear with me. I have heard from some blogger friends that the staff doesn’t aloow you to take photos of the buffet table, so I didn’t. I just took photos of the food that we had.

An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix TrinomaThis is what we got from the raw meat and seafood section. There’s beef, fish, pork, chicken and some crabsticks in there.

An Eat-All-You-Can Lunch with Friends at Yakimix TrinomaWe all had their refillable Blue Lemonade drink which I think was P75.

There are lots of dessert choices as well. There’s mousse, pastries, ice cream, cakes, fruit salad, leche flan and fresh fruits.


4/F Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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  1. haay.. been planning to go there but I don’t think it’s sulit for me.. with the way I eat nowadays, but I want to try them all!!  SOON!! 🙂 

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