The Rainbow People at Thunderbird Resort

One of the things that I like when we go to resorts  is that we get eat whatever food the restaurants at that particular resort offers. Unfortunately, that is also one of the things that I don’t like about it because I feel like we are confined to order just those available in their menu, and nothing else.

It’s great if all the grubs available are like this Chicken Inasal {₱395}, which is made with boneless legs, tender, juicy, and  well-seasoned. But if not, then we’ll be sorry, specially if the next restaurant is 100 miles away.

I think we look highly disturbing noticeable because of the sudden splash of colors our posse brings over the calm, relaxing air at the Thunderbird Resort in Rizal. Although, I’d like to think of that splash of rainbow as an instant burst of happiness and warmth, after all some of the guests who’s seen us seem to smile as they see the those three little rainbow girls pass by going to the pool area.

We arrived hungry and the first thing we looked for is a place for us to eat. The restaurant near the swimming pool caught our eyes as there are a number of people having lunch there. We decide not to join them and took a place near the gazebo instead.

Ykaie couldn’t be pried away from her Lechon Kawali {₱175}, even if our table is just beside the playground. Pork belly is her favorite pork part and deep-fried, crispy and with fat bursting in each bite is how she likes it. The serving is quite big for a five-year old, so it was shared with Cyra who also favors fried pork.

peanutbutter was very disappointed with the Grilled Stuffed Squid {₱325} because he was expecting big lumot ones instead of these five which are more fit to be made into adobo than grilled.

We manage to pose while waiting for out food to arrive…

The ever-pretentious-trying-hard-to-eat-thin cousin of mine orders Grilled Chicken Breast {₱375} but caves in after a few bites to try out some of the Inasal, Grilled Squid and Lechon Kawali. The chicken breast is a bit dry and bland, as what’s expected of it.

Sis ordered this Triple Decker Sandwich {₱325} made with grilled chicken cajun, bacon, tomato, cheese and fried egg but didn’t eat all the bread and gave the fries to Babin.

That’s our first meal while we were in Rizal.

More about our experiences at Thunderbird will be posted at

Have you been there?

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9 Responses

  1. Really fun pictures! You all look great! Sounds like a fun time – thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. All those food is my favorite pa naman cannot help I get hungry now. You have a wonderful family great pics.

  3. The squid looks good, sorry that your hubs was disappointed.. The grilled pork looks so good too.

  4. You all look happy wearing your rainbow-inspired attires, and oh, I’d love to have a bite of that scrumptious-looking Chicken Inasal!

  5. I love the splash of color in your outfit plus your unique poses. I guess, you should have tried the pusit in Tamerlane’s ihaw-ihaw in Antipolo for sure your husband will love it.

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