ISDAAN, The Floating Restaurant/Fun Park in Gerona, Tarlac

The plan to go and eat  eat here at the popular Isdaan Restaurant in Tarlac materialized late June last year. This was where Sis was supposed to celebrate her birthday but due to some odd but not so important reason, it was cancelled. Then there was another plan to go here in October but was again cancelled due to a killjoy typhoon.

Thank God for the 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival, we were finally able to see this beautiful place and taste its fine dishes.

Condiments: Fish Sauce, Bagoong Isda, Vinegar and Soy Sauce

We’ve been hearing a lot about Isdaan for quite sometime–the raves about the food and we’ve been seeing the nice photos. Because this is  very much the halfway point between Metro Manila and Baguio, it has become popular stopover for a lot of motorist..

In our case, it wasn’t a stop over. We had to travel farther than where we are. We took the bus from the Dau for an hour and a half to get there.

It was already 2pm when we arrived and were already starving. For safety purposes, they made the kids wear some life vests as the fish pond where the restaurant is floating on  is 6-9 feet deep.

After taking our orders the waiter gave the kids some Angry Birds balloons and a small bag of candies. They also gave us four small bags of fish food to feed the fishes around.

Fresh Mango Juice {P270/ $6.40}

Our drink was first to arrive…

..a refreshing sip of mango juice, I took in the refreshing atmosphere, the native ambience and the Mayan statues. I love the whole concept of this restaurant even the light switch has decorative switch plate covers.

Isdaan is owned and operated by the same family that owns Barrio Fiesta, Singing Cooks & Waiters, Atbp. and Bakahan at Manukan.

So naturally, you’d expect somebody to break into a song.

And there were groups that go from table to table, serenading guests with songs. You have to give them a P20 tip. One of them sang Super Bass, it was funny the way he sang it.

We ordered Pinatolang Baka and Kuhol sa Gata which both came inside a “Buho” or Bamboo sealed in rolled banana leaves.

Pinatolang Baka {P382/$9}

Pinatolang Baka is their version of Tinola but instead of  green papaya they put in patola  or sponge gourd. Slurping the soup would instantly remind you of how they slow-cooked the beef to perfection. The beef is very tender and the fat on it’s side, buttery and ambrosial.

Now, the patola is a different story.

Patola is my most hated vegetable. It is the only vegetable that I don’t eat but I ate three pieces in this dish. The first two bites was okay… the third one reminded me why I don’t like it. No, I won’t elaborate.

Kuhol sa Gata {Escargot in Coconut Cream} {P259/kg}

Slurp. Suck. Pick with a toothpick. Another slurping and sucking scene here….

Tacsiyapong Gulay{P104/$2.40}

Tacsiyapo is Tarlac’s local curse word. This dish are different kinds of veggies in spicy fish paste. I guess that’s where the name came from. You’ll be cursing because it’s both spicy and delicious.

Marinated Inihaw na Spare Ribs{P261/half kg}

This is the best grilled spare ribs I’ve tasted. The marinade is very tasty and it was cooked perfectly. This is the only dish that Ykaie ate and she ate a lot of rice.

BSK or Bagong Saing sa Kaldero {P99.50} & Green Mango with salted egg, red onion and shrimp paste {P73}

The rice in that cute pot is good for two to three persons. Need I say more about this Ensaladang Manga?

Pinukpok na Manok {P295}

This is Chicken in Coconut milk and it is really good. The sauce is thick and creamy.

Grilled Squid{P172/half kg}

The grilled squid was  a little overcooked but it still paired well with the Ensaladang Manga and with all the deliciousness going around, who would really notice?

Mango Sago {P70}

The meal ended with Mango Sago. Their version is good old Mango Shake with mini-tapiocas. Not quite the Mango Sago I’m in the mood for but it did give a sweet ending to a great meal.

These are the other open-air bamboo huts surrounded by the 6-9 feet deep water.

More photos of Isdaan  at The Wandering Peach.


  1. Meki says

    we had an awful exprience here. i guess we picked the wrong restaurant and all.. the service and food is not worth it from where we chose to eat :( but the whole place is awesome! plus the free kayak/boat riding.

  2. says

    hi peachkins… whtt a fun and adventurous holiday. i like this kind of decor..very oriental..we also use banana leaves for that authentic look..
     your daughter is  so cute  . have a nice day.
    sorry, many times i came here, but my week net connection, makes it difficult , your discus box wont show..

  3. says

    Nice post. Everything about your trip is interested..the place and the food looks fantastic. I especially love to listen to a Phillipino band as I think that Phillipino has many great singers.  You have a beautiful family.

  4. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    sarap balikbalikan dyan….di namin natry ang 
    Pinatolang Baka….pagbalik naman must try ito sa aming hapag

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