Char Express Hits the Spot (and Our Wallet!)

Char Express
Char Express

Let’s face it, sometimes you just crave a delicious and satisfying lunch that won’t break the bank. That’s exactly what we found ourselves yearning for the other day, and Char Express totally delivered!

Ever since I’ve tried Char Express last year, I’ve fallen in love with their Charsiew. Naturally, it’s one of the things that I’m looking forward today. We ventured in with rumbling stomachs and were immediately greeted by the familiar, comforting aroma of savory Chinese cuisine. The menu offered all the classics, and we had a blast picking out our favorites for a flavor-packed feast. Roast Ducks and Charsiew slabs were on display — making me more excited for lunch.

Of course, the star of the show for me was definitely the Charsiew. It’s tender, juicy, sticky Charsiew (₱228) with that perfect balance of sweet, salty, fatty, and savory goodness – it never disappoints! And rice is a must when you’re eating this.

We also couldn’t resist the Orange Chicken (₱228). The chicken was tender and the sauce was a timeless sweet and tangy crowd-pleaser.

Char Express

I was hesitant to order the Roast Duck (₱688) at first but later on decided that we should give it a try. Well, it was another highlight, boasting juicy, flavorful meat and crispy skin.

These were all paired with the Yang Chow Fried Rice (₱208). Oh, it was a textural and flavorful dream.

The spinach with preserved bean curd was a welcome addition, offering a refreshing and slightly salty counterpoint to the richer dishes.

Char Express

But wait, there’s more! To our delight, our order just reached more than ₱1000 mark, which meant we scored some free Meatballs in Mushroom Sauce! This unexpected bonus was a delightful surprise, and the meatballs themselves were melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Overall, our lunch at Char Express was a complete win. Delicious food, friendly service, and a free treat? What more could you ask for? We left feeling satisfied, happy, and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

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