Café Mary Grace and I should’ve met a long time ago….

Whenever I go to National Bookstore in Trinoma, I always pass by this homey little restaurant on the way. It’s has a rustic ambience and it’s always full of people and the waiters are always hustling and bustling.

I’ve seen the pastry case from outside and judging from those grandmas eating ensaymadas with their coffee and the kids who can’t wait to finish their slices of cakes, I’d say they must be selling some seriously delicious pastries in there.

Sis was a little doubtful when I told her we should try it out. She went in first to check out what’s in the pastry case before sitting down beside me to look at the menu.

Dulong Paté { ₱146}

Ah, my love of appetizers! It has brought me the most tasty things on earth. This Dulong Paté is one of them. Dulong is one specie of anchovy. It was cooked in olive oil and garlic, sprinkled with lemon juice and served with soft and warm brown bread. The saltiness was the first to greet my tongue, followed by the garlicky flavor then the tartness of the lemon. It was gone in my mouth after a second but it continued to tease… ooh, I will be back for this, I thought to myself while I watch my mini me go through the same feeling I went through… only in a childish way.

Chorizo and Green Olive Pasta { ₱ 264}

This hearty pasta dish seems to taste like pesto but not quite so. Probably because of the little green olive pieces that seemed to be commingling well with the homemade chorizo. Oil-based but not oily, it is a genuine delight to the tongue.

Mary Grace Mushroom Cream { ₱ 266}

I think it is just right for Mary Grace to lend her name to this compelling linguini dish. It’s creamy but not thick and overwhelming. I tasted tiny pieces of button mushrooms mixed with bits of shiitake plus a strong but not overpowering essence of truffle.

Drop by Café Mary Grace and order this first thing out of the menu. I urge you to try this dish… I couldn’t make my daughter leave the restaurant without ordering a take out.

Lemon Squares { ₱ 15} & Food For the Gods { ₱22}

Apple Pie { ₱115}

And as for this mommy, who doesn’t leave any restaurant without sugar on her lips, we ordered their popular Lemon Squares and Food for the Gods…. plus this warm Apple Pie which I should’ve eaten with a cup of aromatic coffee.

As I’ve said at the beginning of this post, Café Mary Grace and I should’ve met a long time ago….but no regrets. I will certainly make up for the lost time…

Oh, and Kudos to the waiters and waitresses…they give the most attentive service!

Café Mary Grace
Level 1, (front of National Bookstore)
Tel: 916-9003 / 916-9004/586-4256

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10 Responses

  1. I love Cafe Mary Grace!! I suddenly miss eating here. I haven’t tried their Dulong appetizer, we always get the Kesong Puti, maybe I’ll try that next time. The Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta is a favorite! 🙂

  2. i love Mary Grace, especially their pastries. it’s my usual pasalubong for my nanay.:p
    the dulong pate is interesting–i’d love to try it. and your pasta selection is delicious!

  3. oooh, i think am going to love that dulong pate, too! we seldom go to Trinoma…maybe just this once…lol.

    thanks much for linking and sharing over at Food Friday, Peach!

  4. The food for the God’s look so yum, and cheap too. will try this restaurant next time I visit Trinoma

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