The Mario’s Restaurant Experience {Part 1 of 2}

Mario’s Restaurant has established itself, for 40 years, as one of those restaurants that serves delicious and impeccable dishes. With the cozy ambience and tastefully designed surroundings, families preferred to dine and celebrate special occasions here.

Can you believe that in my thirty-something years of existence, last weekend was the first time I’ve been to Mario’s?

Yeah, it was but it definitely won’t be the last. This Mario’s Restaurant experience is something that I won’t forget and lucky me, this memory was made where it all began ~ the very first Mario’s in Session Road, Baguio City. I was in the Summer capital last weekend and had my lunches and one special dinner there.

Lunch would usually start with a basket of warm rolls served with butter on the side and a serving of Sopa de Mariscos {P210}, a deluxe Spanish tomato-based soup flavored with fresh crustaceans.

Followed by Chicken Oriental Salad, a full-flavored salad which consists of chicken, tomatoes, cashew nuts, spring onions and crispy noodles on a bed of assorted greens, tossed in sesame oil-rice wine-garlic dressing.


The Pomelo Salad {P310}, which is made with assorted vegetables tossed with herbs, pomelo and prawns
in Vietnamese salad dressing.

These salads may look light to you but they’re a meal in itself ~ scrumptious, healthy and if you pair it with soup and dessert, will get you energized throughout the day.

Mario’s Banoffee Pie is one the best-selling desserts. It has a buttery crust, a thick chocolate and toffee layer, fresh sliced bananas then topped with a thick layer of cream and chocolate drizzle. It’s ambrosial.

A lighter but likewise satisfying dessert are these buttery Churros dipped in thick and warm chocolate sauce.

And my chosen drink to down all those delectable food is nothing but Fresh Lemonade Slush/Shake.

I was looking over the desserts case when I noticed these copper containers on top. These are so cute, don’t you think? It makes you think you’re home.

Saturday dinner was special because I got to dine with Mario’s Chef and Mario’s Manager. Food Bloggers from Baguio were also present. Pardon the photos, though, I wasn’t able to capture the best angles because Ykaie fell asleep on my lap and I had to take my photos sitting down.

Dinner started with Calamares Fritos {P285}, crispy squid rings that’s battered and deep fried served with calamansi and a rich creamy dipping sauce.

Followed by buttery and garlicky Baked Mussels

I love the French Onion Soup {P190}. Made with perfectly caramelized onions, rich broth and thick cheesy bread,it’s the perfect warmer for Baguio’s chilly evening.

Mario’s Caesar’s Salad is by far the best Caesar’s Salad I’ve tasted. It is prepared table side and the thick, creamy dressing was made from scratch. This is why it’s very popular and very tasty, it is made from passion.

The Paella Valenciana doesn’t take no for an answer. I was full and trying to lessen my rice intake but I just couldn’t say no to the medley of seafood, chicken, pork and sausage, the flavor of saffron, vegetables and herbs.

Cajun Fish Fillet with Tropical Salsa

Herb and Spice encrusted fish fillets are perfectly complimented by salsa made with fresh mangoes and tomatoes. It’s a light but filling main course. This dish is perfect for lent.

Strawberry Jubilee

Baguio is known for their strawberries and when it’s in season, Mario’s bathes it in fine liqueurs, enflames it and serves it over ice cream……..a perfect way to cap off dinner.

{photo grabbed from Omeng Fallarme}

Good food, hearty conversation, accommodating venue and friends…this is how a memorable evening is made the Mario’s way…

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