Tokyo Tonteki’s Thick and Tasty Pork Loin Steak is a Must-Try!

Tokyo Tonteki

Tokyo Tonteki

I’ve seen Tokyo Tonteki’s first branch in UP Town Center a few months ago and I’ve wondered, is it another Katsu place?. Katsu places have sprouted on every corner of the metro that I’ve started looking for something new and different. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Katsu. Every now and then I still crave for that crispy chunk of meat but it’s refreshing to have variety — and that’s where Tokyo Tonteki comes in.

I was able to dine at their latest branch on the 2nd level of Greenbelt 5.

Tokyo Tonteki

Upon arrival, I noticed how straightforward the surrounding is — comfortable, soft, cushioned seats and spacious tables. Condiments, utensils, and serving plates are already there waiting for your order. The condiments on the tables are the Wafu Sauce, Sesame Dressing, and Japanese Mayo.

Tokyo Tonteki

Our meal started with a Spring Roll of Prosciutto, Avocado and Onsen Egg (₱190). Not your everyday appetizer and something I will definitely not forget. The slightly salty taste of the prosciutto blended perfectly with the creaminess of the avocado and the onsen egg. You probably think that the japanese mayo, which is equally creamy, would do nothing but drown out all the flavors but to my surprise it magnified it.

Tokyo Tonteki

One of the side dishes, which can also be an appetizer is the Stir- Fried Japanese Mushrooms (₱250) which is a mixture of three kinds of mushrooms namely Eringi, Enoki, & Shimeji Brown Japanese mushrooms. It has a very rich buttery taste and well-seasoned. It is served on a small iron pan topped with smoked Japanese fish flakes or Katsuobushi.

Tokyo Tonteki

Tonteki is Japanese for pork loin steak. And this is what sets Tokyo Tonteki apart from other japanese establishments — their thick, tasty, and flavorful pork loin steak.

Tonteki Sets come in a variety of size and signature sauces. There’s the Large, Chopped, Regular and the Ginger-Flavored Tonteki Sets. Signature sauces are Tonteki Sauce, Onion Steak Sauce, Ginger-Flavored Pork Steak Sauce, and Teriyaki Sauce.

The Regular Tonteki Set (₱375) is comprised of thick and tender pork loin cuts served with the signature Tonteki sauce and topped with garlic chips. Each set includes bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, pickled cucumber, steamed Japanese rice and pork miso soup. Extra refills of these side dishes are free.

Tokyo Tonteki

Look at their Miso Soup! It has chopped onions and pork bits.

Tokyo Tonteki

I am a sucker for fried rice specially one as flavorful as Tokyo Tonteki’s Special Fried Rice with Egg (₱150). The serving is big enough for two or three persons but I swear I could easily finish off one. I heard it is made of over 15 ingredients and spices and I guess that’s what makes it über tasty and addictive. You can even eat it alone — without the egg nor any meat to accompany it. IT. IS. THAT. GOOD.

Not a pork person? No worries. Tokyo Tonteki has Chicken Steak Sets. Just like the Tonteki Sets, it is also available in a variety of signature sauces. The Chicken Teriyaki Steak Set (₱350) also comes with shredded cabbage, pickled cucumber, steamed Japanese rice and pork miso soup.

If you’re partial to burgers, then the Tonburg Sets (Tonburg Steak Set, Cheese Tonburg Steak Set and Pineapple Tonburg Steak Set) is definitely something you’ll love. It is made from 100% premium ground pork meat patty with diced onions doused with the restaurant’s original Onion Steak Sauce.

The one in the above photo is the Tonburg Steak Set with Onion Steak Sauce (₱375).

Should you want to have katsu with your Tonteki, you can choose from Salmon Fry (₱360) (fillets of Noweigan pink salmon that are ocean fresh), Menchi Katsu (₱270) (100% premium ground pork) and the Ebi Fry (₱340) (fresh tail-on shelled shrimp).

After a satisfying meal, you can end it up with decadent desserts starting with Creme Brulee (₱120)…

and this rich, bittersweet Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream (₱120).

Oh I am actually looking forward to my next meal at Tokyo Tonteki. It’s something new, something different, and something familiar in a whole new setting that will truly delight your tastebuds!

Tokyo Tonteki is located at the 2nd Level Greenbelt 5 and at the G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan.

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  1. Hi Peach, just a year ago, my bff and I dined at their first branch at UP towncenter. Sayang di ko sya na-blog:( Since then I’ve been looking forward to another lovely meal experience with them, howver, malayo sya for me! It’s good to know they have a branch na closer to where I live.

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