Gotta have another cup of Sebastian’s Green Mango & Bagoong Ice Cream!

Ykaie and I dropped by Sebastian’s today before going to an event. It was such a hot afternoon. The thought of yummy ice cream and the call of the cozy couch and the cool air conditioner  is too hard to resist.

I was thinking about their new flavor, Maple Bacon Pancake but when I saw that they still have the Green Mango & Bagoong flavor, I got excited.

I am always and will always be crazy about bagoong….

Of course, when the staff handed me the cup of ice cream, the smell of Bagoong {shrimp paste} wafted in the air and Ykaie immediately covered her nose. She abhors the smell of it and she never did like eating it.

I, on the other hand, became giddy in anticipation. What does one of my favorite snacks taste like when turned into ice cream?

Well, the green mango sorbet greeted me with a familiar bite-in-the-tongue sourness but a hint of sweetness. The difference in temperature of the cold mango sorbet and the warm, sweet bagoong made it all the more interesting. These two are so perfect for each other whatever form they may be and Sebastian’s captured it in a way that can only leave you wanting for more…

Purple had Chocoholics Anonymous……

Yup, like all the kids I know, Purple is a chocoholic….

Saturday is Ice Cream Day!


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