Lunch at Pancake House, Manila Ocean Park

Posing at the Seriland Trick Art Museum really worked us up and got us really hungry….the kids specially. They were looking forward to a nice lunch of Fried Chicken and steamed rice… and so off we went to the Pancake House.

Hot Roast Chicken Set

This roasted chicken set on the menu fooled me into thinking that it’s the usual roasted chicken served by the quarter. I was kinda looking forward to a nice quarter leg piece so imagine my surprise when this was served to me.

I sat there dumbfounded, staring at this roasted chicken pieces which sat atop a crustless loaf of bread and smothered in gravy. I started with a few crunchy bites of the tacos, then a spoonful of the macaroni salad followed by a bite of the chicken-bread-gravy thing. Hmmmnnn… not bad…not bad at all. Halfway through the meal and I found this growing on me.

Crispy Bacon on Aspagarus & Mushroom Tagliatelle

This is a lot more tasty than the last one that we had a few years ago. It’s actually sis’s order, I just took a forkful to try. I wish there’s a lot more asparagus…

Jumbo Banana Split

This is meant for the three kids to share aside from the usual fried chicken meal….It was gobbled up even before they started with the chicekn and rice.

Pancake House does make you feel a lot like home….

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