peanutbutter♥ made Carrot Cake

my peanutbutter made the most awesome-looking Carrot Cake last night and of course, he took a photo for me. Too bad I wasn’t there to sample the cake but I know it tastes great. It’s a product of love and grumpiness all rolled into one..LOL!

I am so lucky to have a husband who cooks!

I wish he’s home so I can taste his cooking, though.

Look at the cream cheese frosting!


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    *drool* Oh my gosh, that looks so awesome! I love carrot cake, but I don’t know how to make one! 😛 The most awesome carrot cake I’ve ever tried is in Picarre, a local cafe here in Baguio, if you haven’t tried it when you were here, I’ll take you there the next time you’re here in Baguio.. 😀

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